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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Year 6

Here are the links to the OAKMOOR Sway page where you can find the learning they want you to complete.


Art and Design - ref=Link&loc=play

Computing -

Design Technology -

Humanities - (RE and History only)

Modern Foreign Languages - ref=Link&loc=play

Science -


We are covering the other subjects in our school learning. 


These all need to be completed by Monday 12th July and need to be brought into school (hard copy) so we can add them to each child's folder. 


6.11.20 Here are some of the highlights of our ancient Egyptian topic day. These included watching a play, taking part in an acting workshop and making an Egyptian death mask.

29.9.20 Year 6 have been learning about Light in Science these past two days. We have learned about how light travels; how light reflects off objects; how animals see objects and how animals see light sources. We applied our learning by creating reflective clothing for an animal at night time.

Tapestry - How to upload a document

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Here is a video from Miss Coyte explaining how to upload a document onto Tapestry.

Year 6 leavers

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Congratulations to our amazing Year 6s! You have finished your journey at Weyford and are ready to move on to the next step. We will miss you!

Year 6 Presentation Meeting Sept. 2020

Hello! My name is Miss Rhodes and I have been at Weyford for 2 years. My two favourite subjects to teach are maths and art. I love being creative in school with children and outside of school in my spare time. I like Maths because I enjoy solving puzzles! I also enjoy baking and watching the latest films in the cinema.

Hi! My name is Mr Clarke and I have been teaching at Weyford for 4 years. My favourite subjects to teach are English, History and PE because these were my favourite to learn when I was at school. My interests outside of school include cooking, gardening and watching lots of different sports (mainly horse racing, football and American football).

Hi, I'm Mr Stroud! I have been a part of Weyford for nearly a decade now. I have taught children from Year 1 to all the way up to Year 13. I specialise in Music and I am currently working on obtaining my Masters in Education. My hobbies including song-writing, performing music, hiking and looking after the legendary school fish!

Hello! My name is Mrs Tindall and I have been at Weyford for nearly 20 years (it really doesn’t feel that long). Before that I worked in a British Forces school in Germany. I grew up in Whitehill and went to school at Weyford. Outside of school I enjoy gardening, walking and riding my bike. I also like to listen to the radio and love to read. I am looking forward to working with you all, as part of the Year 6 team.

Hi everyone, my name is Mrs Yates. Some of you will remember me as “The Ninja” from year 3, he-he. I have quite a mixture of hobbies. I enjoy gardening very much and love growing my own vegetables from seed. I also like reading, especially, Science fiction, oh and all the Harry Potter books too. During the winter months, I try to do puzzles, crosswords and word searches. I love watching the DC, Marvel, Star Trek and Star Wars films. At the weekend I also watch Thunderbirds are Go, when it is on. I used to watch the original puppet TV series (yes, I am that old). I love, roast dinners, curries and pickled onions, but I do not like celery or avocados. I have worked at this school for a very long time and seen many changes. From year 3 to year 6, I have enjoyed every minute, (Well maybe not playground duty when I got caught in the rain). I am looking forward to seeing you all in September. I am sure you are all going to enjoy being our new Year 6. Have a wonderful Summer Holiday, see you all soon. xx