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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Year 6

Easter Reading revision

Aspiration Day - On Friday 11th February, Weyford celebrated Aspiration Day. We dressed up as the people we aspire to be in the future and produced some aspirational writing and art work.

Tapestry - How to upload a document

Still image for this video
Here is a video explaining how to upload a document onto Tapestry.

Hey! My name is Miss Dunford and I am in my first year at Weyford. My favourite subjects to teach are PE and English because I am very active outside of school and love exercising, going to the gym and running. I am excited about my first teaching job at Weyford and am excited about meeting you all.

Hello! My name is Miss Rhodes and I have been at Weyford for 3 years. My two favourite subjects to teach are maths and art. I love being creative in school with children and outside of school in my spare time. I like Maths because I enjoy solving puzzles! I also enjoy running, baking and watching the latest films in the cinema.

Hi! My name is Mr Clarke and I have been teaching at Weyford for 5 years. My favourite subjects to teach are English, History and PE because these were my favourite subjects when I was at school. My interests outside of school include playing guitar, going horse-racing and watching lots of different sports (mainly football, cricket and American football).

Hello! My name is Mrs Tindall and I have been at Weyford for nearly 20 years (it really doesn’t feel that long). Before that I worked in a British Forces school in Germany. I grew up in Whitehill and went to school at Weyford. Outside of school I enjoy gardening, walking and riding my bike. I also like to listen to the radio and love to read. I am looking forward to working with you all, as part of the Year 6 team.