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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Welcome to Weyford Nurser

Our Nursery is staffed by a team of qualified teachers and supported by experienced Teaching Assistants. We work closely across our Early Years Unit with pupils and staff in the adjoining Reception classes. 

We offer places for children from 2.5 years old until they start school!

Term time only 

Morning, afternoon or full day sessions

(Early childcare sessions are mornings only).

Please contact the school office for further details. 

Funding - 30 hours free childcare

We offer up to 30 hours childcare for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.


Please make sure to apply for an eligibility code the term before booking the 15 additional hours.

See for more details.

What to expect when

CBeebies: Something Special - Hello Song

Sing along to the Hello song from 'Something Special'.

Our learning journey

Look here for weekly updates on our learning!

Friday 23rd October

We have had a fabulous week learning and playing with all things rainbow! We have been celebrating life in 2020, and the rainbow symbol seemed very appropriate in the current situation!

We have sorted colours, made beautiful rainbow art, made rainbow playdough and decorated (and eaten) delicious rainbow biscuits. We have collaged, read stories and had a fabulous time chalking and painting, and to round it all off, on Friday evening amongst the drizzle and sunshine, there was even a real rainbow for us to enjoy too!


Rainbow - Makaton Sign of the Week

Hello! Justin Fletcher from Something Special shows us this week's sign: Rainbow.

16th October 2020

Next week is arts week - please see the flyer below!

Arts Week in the Early Years

(19th October 24th October 2020)

For Arts Week this year, the children will be exploring and celebrating different decades, the art, fashion, culture and music that came with it.

Nursery and Reception will be exploring and celebrating 2020.

The children will be exploring “Rainbow Art”.

Each child will complete a piece of artwork for our virtual art gallery, which will be posted on Tapestry and the school website. If you are interested in buying your child’s piece of artwork, please let the office know and we can organise for this to be framed and organise a payment of £3


Friday 24th October:

Please come dressed in your most colourful favourite outfit ready for our socially distanced “Arts Week” parade. We are aiming to make a “human rainbow” with our outfits. Please be mindful about what your child wears, as they will still play outside and take part in messy play activities. (No dressing up outfits on this occasion)





This week we have been getting ready for Christmas and making some festive art ready for our Christmas cards!

Keep an eye out for the art coming home soon! If you want to order any cards, each piece of work has it's own unique code that you can input at Cauliflower Cards. Make sure you return the art to us so that we can send it off ready to be made and shipped off to you!

Also this week, we have been gobbling up gingerbread man, practising our threading, rolling down hills on the field, listening carefully to all the sounds we could hear on our walks as well as being fabulous friends and taking care of our new friends. We've got stuck into lots of sensory messy play and made marks in shaving foam and sand foam too, our hands are getting so much stronger now! 

Fabulous work Robin Class!

Thank You - Makaton Sign of the Week

Hello! This week's sign is Thank You.

9th October 2020


Please remember wellies and waterproofs -

we go outside everyday so need to stay warm and dry!

Thank you.


We have been carrying on our investigations about the gingerbread man, decorating our printed pictures, making lots of gingerbread men from playdough and running as fast as we can. We also had little gingerbread men for snack, and wondered what would happen if the little gingerbread person actually did get wet, so, we tested it out, an dunked her in water! Oh dear, ask your child what became of that poor gingerbread person!!!


We enjoyed being outside despite the weather and made bubbly puddles and watched as the powder paint colours swirled together too.


We are investigating a new colour each week, this week we sorted out lots of red toys and made some lovely red pictures!

Bubbles - Makaton Sign of the Week

This week's sign is Bubbles.

2nd October 2020

This week we have been retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man and practising running as fast as we can!

We decided to make our own bakery shop in the classroom and designed cakes, breads and biscuits from salt dough to sell in the shop. We loved helping to put the role play together!

We were also lucky enough to enjoy the sunshine and the wind and collected lots more conkers from the horsechestnut tree. We dipped them in paint and watched them roll down the tuff spot! They made super patterns and we noticed how the paint mixed together too. 


This week we learnt the makaton sign for please. 

25th September 2020

This week we have been enjoying the change in weather and stomping in leaves, collecting conkers, making bubbles in puddles and watching sycamore helicopter leaves fly in the wind!


Please remember to send your child in with a waterproof coat and wellies if you have them!

We have been encouraging your child to become more independent at putting on shoes, coats and wellies too - ask your child to show you how much they can do themselves!


We have also been having a go at using scissors as well as lots of hand gym activities to get our hands strong enough to use the scissors independently. We cut out our own little pigs after enjoying the story of the Three Little Pigs so much.



This week we learnt the sign for hello!

Makaton sign for hello

18th September 2020

Welcome back to Robin Class! We have been so excited to welcome children back into the nursery as well as being able to meet lots of new friends who are just begining their journey with Weyford. 

All children have settled in so well, and have managed the transition back to routines with such confidence.

We have spent time getting to know each other again, familiarising ourselves with the setting and equipment as well as making sure we stay healthy and wash our hands, lots!!


This week we have really enjoyed playing outside, discovering the school field and retelling the story of the Three Little Pigs.