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β€˜Working Together for Excellence’


Welcome to Weyford Nurser

Our Nursery is staffed by a team of qualified teachers and supported by experienced Teaching Assistants. We work closely across our Early Years Unit with pupils and staff in the adjoining Reception classes. 

We offer places for children from 2.5 years old until they start school!

Term time only 

Morning, afternoon or full day sessions

(Early childcare sessions are mornings only).

Please contact the school office for further details. 

Funding - 30 hours free childcare

We offer up to 30 hours childcare for eligible 3 and 4 year olds.


Please make sure to apply for an eligibility code the term before booking the 15 additional hours.

See for more details.

What to expect when

Just a reminder that we ask you not to bring nuts or food containing nuts to school. We have several friends who have allergies, so we ask for your cooperation. Thank you!

Our learning journey

Look here for weekly updates on our learning!


We have been learning about Italy this week! Have learnt to say hello and we have learnt some very important Makaton signs, like pizza!!


We made our own pizzas, used pasta in our art and had some delicious ice cream too. 

We talked about the colours in the Italian flag, and noticed that the shape of Italy looked like a boot on the map!!



Makaton for 'pizza'

Red Nose Day 

We loved dressing in red and collected lots of donations for Comic Relief. 

We made amazing cup cakes and decorated with icing and sweets! 


18th March 2022

This week we are learning about Jack and the beanstalk.

We were very excited to get  a special letter and parcel from Jack! Last time he had seeds his mum just threw them out of the window.

This time Jack wanted to know how to look after beans! Luckily we knew the seeds needed soil, water and sunlight. We planted our seeds and we cant wait to see them grow!  

11th March 2022

We have been reading the Enormous Turnip in Lady bird class. We have investigated different vegetables and made vegetable soup. We have ordered the vegetables in size order and we have been learning lots of new words to describe big and small. We found tiny seeds and enormous trees in the garden.


We have learnt the makaton sign for vegetables!

Can you show your grown ups any other signs that you can remember?

4th March 2022


Happy World Book Day! 

We have had a most fabulous week reading and sharing stories together. We have loved the story of Who Swallowed Stanley and have been thinking about how we can help the animals in the environment around us. We have been so mindful of our rubbish too, and have taken great care to recycle or reuse what we can!


We made some delicious octopus biscuits and crafted some little turtles and jellyfish for a display all about this story too.


On Thursday we came to school dressed as one of our favourite characters and enjoyed telling our friends all about the sort of books and stories we like. 


11th February 2022

Muddy walk

Bird Watching

We have been enjoying a muddy walk in the woods and field to search for birds in the trees. We stayed really quiet and we could hear the birds singing!  We really loved squelching in the mud! 

Muddy puddles

2nd February 2022

We had a visit from AMK today ! We had a mini bus ride around Bordon. We looked at the baggage area at the back and engine in the front. It was lots of fun! 

AMK Mini bus visit

2nd February 2022

We have had a very busy week! We celebrated Chinese New Year on Tuesday and learnt that 2022 is the year of the Tiger. We made dragon puppets and tried noodles using chopsticks! 

We loved eating prawn crackers and learning a lion dance.

28th January 2022


Another busy and fun week in Ladybird Class finished!!

We were so pleased to have another visit from our friends at AMK. This week we were treated to a rescue truck! Adam showed us how the truck worked and how the minibus got on to the truck.



21st January 2022


It has been another busy week in Ladybird Class.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from our friend Adam at AMK. He bought a huge coach for us to look at. We saw the luggage compartments and even the engine at the back. 

Adam then took us on a short journey on his coach around Bordon. It was so high up and we could see lots of familiar sights like Tescos and Dominoes pizza shop. 

Thanks AMK!


We saw some more very interesting Things That Go too at Jubilee park. The workers were building a new path, and we saw a steam roller as well as excavators and dumper trucks.


Makaton sign for Bus - Isabella Signs

14th January 2022


This week in nursery we have been on a muddy walk to the field! We looked at our shadows and waved hello! 

7th January 2022


Happy New Year!

Welcome back to all of our children and families, we hope you have had a happy and healthy break. The children have come back full of news and ready to learn and play. 

This week we have been excited to find out about THINGS THAT GO! We are looking forward to our hook day on Monday when we we find out lots more. To get ready, we have made our own bus, complete with shiny wheels and pictures of where we wanted to travel to. We were also lucky to spot the road sweeper and an Asda van outside our playground too! 

What vehicles have you spotted near your home? Keep your eyes peeled and let us know what you have seen.


Makaton for 'car' πŸš—

17th December 

Merry Christmas

After a busy week of parties and celebration assemblies, decoration making and lots of play, we're all ready for Christmas with our families. 

All the team in the Early Years and Nursery send you best wishes for a peaceful, happy, and healthy Christmas and New Year.


Thank you all for your kind words, Christmas wishes and very generous presents! 



Makaton - WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS - Singing Hands

10th December 


What a busy week! We have been crafting, singing and getting in to the Christmas spirit this week. We are so very excited to see you all on Monday at 2pm for our Christmas sing-along. We have been honing those makaton signs and singing our hearts out to make it a special occasion for all.


Please remember due to current Covid restrictions, we are asking for just one member of each family to come and watch the performance and requesting that if you are able to wear a face covering, that you do. It may also be appropriate for you to take a lateral flow test before attending for your own peace of mind.


One of the songs we have been learning is Christmas Pudding, see if you can have a go at the Makaton signs along with your child!

Christmas Pudding - Song with Makaton Signing

3rd December 2021


This week we had great fun discovering the snow outside, we headed straight to the field to see the snow and ice, it was amazing, but very cold!


We have also been thinking about animals that hibernate, and went on a scavenger hunt and made homes for animals too.


Don't forget Parents evening next week! See you then.


Christmas Makaton Signs

25th November 

 We have had such a fun week this week, particularly with a visit from our friends at Bordon Fire Station on Wednesday! We coloured in lots of pictures for the Firefighters to take away so that they can decorate their Fire Station too - keep a look out as you drive past!


Makaton for 'fire fighter' & 'fire engine' πŸš’


Early Years Christmas Sing Along

Monday 13th December 2pm

We are joining together with our friends in Reception to celebrate the festive season with Christmas songs and rhymes.

If your child already attends for this session, we invite one parent from each family group to attend to watch. If your child will not be in nursery for this session, you are welcome to attend with your child so that they can join in too.

Please can you let the team in nursery know as soon as possible if you plan to bring your child in for this fun sing along.


  • We can only allow 1 adult per family
  • Wear a warm coat as windows and doors will be open
  • Wear a face mask
  • Your temperature will be taken on your arrival


Please be aware that if COVID rates continue to rise the event will be cancelled.

Each song will videoed and added to Tapestry.


19th November 2021


We had an exciting week this week when the police came to see us! It was fabulous to meet a police officer, and we all got to sit in the car too! We know that police officers are safe people who are there to help us!


We have also been continuing to learn about the seasons and this week, we learnt the Makaton sign for winter! We thought about which animals live in cold places and made our own penguins and polar bears. 


We took part in One Kind Word day too, where we all wore odd socks and talked about how were are all different, just like our socks!


We had great fun raising funds for Pudsey and Children in Need too on Friday, we wore special clothes as well as our odd socks - thank you for your support!

Makaton for 'Winter' ❄️

12th November 2021


This week we have been thinking about Remembrance and what it means to remember. We found out that we wear poppies to help us think about all the men and women who have helped our country in wars around the world. 

We made our own poppies and helped to make a wreath that we laid in assembly on the 11th. 


We also thought about Diwali, and made some delicious Coconut Barfi for snack too!

Makaton for 'To Remember'

5th November 2021


This week we enjoyed an autumn walk around school. We found lots of crunchy leaves and saw that the colours were changing all around us. 


It has been so much colder since half term too, we found lots of slippery cold ice in our playground, we noticed it melted as the day went on. 


We loved talking about Halloween and all the fun we had trick or treating over half term. We have also seen a few early fireworks this week because it has been so dark at night! We made lots of very sparkly and colourful fireworks pictures.


We had a visit from our friends at the Ambulance service too as Reception are learning all about People Who Help Us. We had a great time exploring the ambulance and learning all about what a paramedic does. 

Makaton for 'fireworks' πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡

22nd October 2021


This week we have been enjoying Arts Week. We have used our love of the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea to explore tigers in art!

We really loved Henri Rousseau's Tiger in a Tropical Storm. We made our own version of the picture using strips of paper, we thought carefully about the colours of the jungle and then hid our tiger in amongst the foliage!

If you would like to buy your child's artwork, our gallery will be set up outside on Friday afternoon. You can pay for the artwork either in cash, or with the Scopay app. 

Makaton Topic - HALLOWEEN

Arts Week

15th October 2021


This week we have been thinking about tigers in preparation for Arts week next week. We have loved reading the story of The Tiger Who Came To Tea, and drew some fabulous tigers for our display. We really thought carefully about all the features we would need to include.


We then decided to make the tiger some food. We had lots of fruit left in our bowl in the classroom, so made him a pear and apple crumble. We had to use our strong fingers to rub the butter and flour together and added lots of sugar because we thought the tiger might like that!

We had to taste test it first of course!!!



Makaton for 'tiger' 🐯

8th October 2021

This week we have been playing outside and watching as the season changes into autumn. We have noticed how the leaves have started to fall from the trees and we have needed to wear our coats outside much more too!


We took advantage of the lovely weather to head to the park to play too, we really enjoyed having a walk with our friends and climbing on the big equipment! 


We have been honing our motor skills too by warming up with some delicious toast, and practising buttering it all by ourselves. Delicious!



This week, we have learnt the Makaton for 'Toys' πŸ»βš½πŸš‚

1st October 2021


This week we have been thinking about ourselves and our families some more. We have really enjoyed reading Monkey Puzzle and talking some more about our family, who they are and what they look like.

We have been practising our good listening skills too, and listening carefully to instructions as we made some chocolate cornflake cakes! They were yummy!

Thank You - Makaton Sign of the Week

This week we have learnt the sign for thank you.

24th September 2021


This week we have been learning about ourselves and made some fabulous pictures of our faces. We looked in a mirror and thought about what we could see! Two eyes, one nose, two ears, a mouth, some of us even discovered our eyebrows!


We welcomed the Stick Insects back to Lady bird Class after their little holiday with Mrs Ford! They enjoyed their time away and are now busy meeting lots of new friends at Weyford!


Miss Arnold told us that Duggee and Joe Wicks were now friends and had made some super fun videos for us to try! Today we got all warmed up by making sparkly rainbows in the sky!

It was lots of fun!


Makaton for 'Ladybird' 🐞

This week we learnt the makaton sign for ladybird!

17th September 2021


We have welcomed more new friends this week and have been having great fun playing with friends from Butterfly and Caterpillar class outside too. 


We have enjoyed playing with the new bark chipping digger area, and thought the new astro turf by the gate was fabulous for playing Duck Duck Goose too!!



Friend - Makaton Sign of the Week

Our sign of the week this week is 'friend'.

10th September 2021


Our first week back has been full of fun! We have met lots of new friends, have been enjoying discovering all of our toys and playing outside. We are so excited to have the whole playground to use with our friends in Reception too. We have been whizzing around on the bikes and making lots of mud pies in the mud kitchen. 


CBeebies: Something Special - Hello Song

We try and learn at least one Makaton sign each week. This week, we have learnt the sign for hello! We sing our special hello song each morning. Can you join in too?


Ladybird Class are the proud winners of the Town in Bloom Scarecrow Contest!

Well done to all the children in our nursery!