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‘Working Together for Excellence’

JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officer)

Walk to School Week 2023

This week is Walk to school week in Weyford Nursery and Primary School. 

The sun is shining and lots of children are walking, cycling and scooting to school to help save the environment! 

We are so proud that our percentage of children not using the car to come to school has increased! 

Reception and Nursery have been learning about staying safe on the roads! 

We learnt that you should hold a grown ups hand when you cross the road and make sure you Stop, Look and Listen. 

We practised on our road in the playground. We also learnt about Zebra crossing and Pelican Crossing. We know they are safe places to cross. 

We used our zebra crossing in the playground and looked for the traffic as our friends drove past!

The January badges have been sent home! Our JRSO are fabulous at sending the message that walking to school is healthy and better for the environment! 

Our new Year 5 JRSO are Florence and Rylee.

They are fully trained and full of great ideas! 

They will hand out the WOW badges to each class at the end of each month.

Rylee and Florence helped to create an amazing display outside of the Year 4 classrooms. Go and have a look at how you can stay safe on your bikes, scooter and how to cross the road. They also designed T shirts to pass on the message of wearing bright clothes on darker nights. 

After fantastic work from our team and our amazing JRSO we have been awarded the silver award for  our initiatives towards Road safety in Weyford.

Next year we will continue to make sure more children cycle, scoot or walk to school to alleviate traffic and pollution in our area. 

Monday 15th March

The 5 minute walking bubble

This week the classes will be talking about how much congestion there is around the school at drop off and pick up times. They will be discussing the hazards of cars parked on the pavement. 

The JRSO will be delivering assemblies to ask children to encourage parents to park 5 minute walk away. 

Our two Junior Road safety officers are Chloe and Mark  in Year 6. They have been trained to deliver the Road Safety message to the other children in the school. 


Our new Road Safety officers in Year 5 are Lily and Hayden.



This week Road Safety week will be on 


Road Safety Week 2020 (16-22 November)


We will be releasing information about activities and ideas to help the school community stay safe on the journey to school.

As the nights are darker remember to wear bright clothes when you go out and try and add some reflective clothing to your outfit!

November update

This week two new children were trained as JRSO at Weyford.

Lily and Hayden (year 5) will join Chloe and Mark to deliver the Road safety message during Road Safety week.  They were amazing during the training and listened really well as it was all online!