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‘Working Together for Excellence’

JRSO (Junior Road Safety Officer)

Our two Junior Road safety officers are Chloe and Mark  in Year 6. They have been trained to deliver the Road Safety message to the other children in the school. 


Our new Road Safety officers in Year 5 are Lily and Hayden.



This week Road Safety week will be on 


Road Safety Week 2020 (16-22 November)


We will be releasing information about activities and ideas to help the school community stay safe on the journey to school.

As the nights are darker remember to wear bright clothes when you go out and try and add some reflective clothing to your outfit!

November update

This week two new children were trained as JRSO at Weyford.

Lily and Hayden (year 5) will join Chloe and Mark to deliver the Road safety message during Road Safety week.  They were amazing during the training and listened really well as it was all online!