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‘Working Together for Excellence’



Curriculum Statement



Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of the community of Weyford.  It is led by four drivers – first hand experiences, knowledge of the world, oracy and wellbeing.  Through these first hand learning experiences the children of Weyford understand that there is life beyond Bordon.

We aim to provide a curriculum which opens up the world and opportunities, our children need to develop the vocabulary and skills to become successful and to develop a love of learning.

At Weyford Nursery and Primary Academy, we broadly follow the National Curriculum: it is designed to ensure a breadth of knowledge that is delivered in a memorable and exciting way giving exciting hooks into learning and the opportunity to experience new skills and pathways to success.

Our children are immersed in a curriculum which allows them to explore, discover and be inspired.


The curriculum is implemented in a purposeful way and takes into account the needs of individual children.  Through high quality teaching of knowledge, skills and vocabulary across the core and foundation subjects, all children are challenged to be creative, resilient, independent and aspirational learners.

Children are immersed in blocks of learning via well planned, imaginative and creative task design.  Learning starts with a ‘hook’ that engages and motivates the children to explore new ideas and acquire new knowledge.  The outcomes are celebrated thorough assemblies, presentations, Tapestry and learning journeys.

To further support and develop the children’s learning we engage in whole school learning experiences through themed days and weeks enabling the children to learn as a community and experience and explore the curriculum beyond our local environment.  This is achieved through planned themes, extracurricular activities and local and national events.


Our children will have a set of skills which they can use confidently, knowledge that links together with understanding and overarching values which will enable them to move forward with learning in Secondary school and beyond.  They will learn more, remember more and enjoy more whilst enabling them to be a confident, thoughtful and active member of the community