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‘Working Together for Excellence’


FULL EPISODE 1: James & the Giant Peach w/ Taika & Friends ft. Nick Kroll, Liam & Chris Hemsworth

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Easter 2020

Happy Easter everyone, we hope you're well and managing to take some time to recharge your batteries and be with your family. 


Thank you for all the work you have managed over the last few weeks. Whilst it has been a challenging, strange and sometimes scary world, your children seem ever resilient and keen to carry on as best as possible.


Look out for the post towards the end of the Easter holidays for a little treat from us, and for the winners of the amazing Superhero Junk Modelling Competition. We were stunned by the quality of the entries, so needed a little more time to expand the categories and let all of our friends have a chance to enter. Thank you for your patience!


Although there is absolutely no expectation for any formal work over the Easter Holidays, we have found some lovely activities that your children might enjoy if you need to find things to keep them busy. If you do get a chance to have a go, let us know with a little observation on Tapestry!


Mostly, a huge and heartfelt thank you to you, the fabulous parents and carers who have had to change and adapt so quickly!


Thank you and Happy Easter!


Janine reads: WE'RE GOING ON AN EGG HUNT by Laura Hughes

I couldn't find my copy of We're Going on an Egg hunt to read to you, but I found this video on You Tube instead! x

23rd March 2020

Well, what a start to our week! Hopefully you are all at home if you can be, and staying safe. The teachers at school are missing you lots, but know that we are all doing the right thing to keep our friends and family safe.


It's so good to see the sun is shining, and I hope that you have managed to get outside a little bit as well as doing a bit of school work! 


The teachers are trying to add a little something to Tapestry every day - ask your grown up to log on and have a look, perhaps you could even upload something too, we would love to see what you're doing!


As well as the learning that Mrs Lawley is emailing to you everyday, there are a few useful websites and lots of fun free lessons happening online - check this out if you can. We will put links here on our website as we find them!


However, please don't feel overwhelmed with school work. Please only do what you can. If you are working from home, it's going to be hard to give your full attention to your children. So perhaps setting them off on a scavenger hunt, or setting up a lego challenge might keep them busy while you have to be. Use the parts of the suggested learning that is right for you. We're not expecting you to become teachers for your children, we promise that this little break from coming to school will not stop us from working hard when we come back to ensure your child will become everything that they want to in the future.


Most importantly, take this time to be with each other if you can, and play, talk and read. Enjoy the sunshine when you can and stay safe.


Love from The Early Years Team, Mrs Lawley, Ms Morris, Mrs Noon, Miss Loades, Mrs Beesley, Mrs Cornwall, and Mrs Fogden. 



A book illustrated by Axel Scheffler to help explain coronavirus

Week twenty-three (13.03.20)


Picture 1
Picture 1

We have caught the Evil Pea!

After receiving a letter from The Evil Pea telling us that he would freeze all of our vegetables, we planning and made some Pea Traps. Overnight they worked and we came to school to find the evil pea and his buddies encased in ice and jelly!

We had some fabulous plans and were so pleased to capture him! Our next mission was to release him from his icy prison! We tried to chip him out, melt him out and considered what else we could add to the ice to get him out. 


Sport Relief

Friday was Sport Relief Day and we came to school dressed in our sporty clothes. Thank you so much for your donations to the charity. 

We had a fabulous morning with Mr. White on the playground testing our balance skills, throwing, catching, skipping and hoola hooping!

We then joined in with a whole school conga in the afternoon!

Week twenty-two (06.03.20)

This week has been book week where we have been investigating stories by David Walliams. We have made our own books, read and acted out stories and shared our own favourite stories. 

Friday saw our dress up day where we met The Creature Choir, dodged a few Gangster Grannies, Billionaire Boys and Mr. Stinks!

We got involved with a variety of activities throughout the school including singing along in our own choir, devising exercise plans, making crowns and fabulous art. 


Next Week

Look out for sign up sheets for Parents Consultations.

Wren Class - 1st and 2nd April

Lark and Owl Class - 31st March and 2nd April



Picture 1
Picture 2

Week twenty-one (28.02.20)

This week started with a fabulous pancake race where we hopped, skipped, jumped while flipping pancakes! We then had a fabulous feast - We love pancakes!



Next we started our new topic SUPERHEROES!

We met a huge variety of fabulous superheroes from Spiderman, Batgirl, Buzz lightyear and so many more. Thank you for helping your child to be super!!



Next Week

Book week is coming! 


Please could your child bring in a book on Monday that they would like to share with their friends in small groups. We will be sharing stories all week, so please only bring books that your child won't miss at bedtime!


We are dressing up on Friday as a character from a David Walliams story.


Picture 1

Week twenty (14.02.20)

This week saw the final of our oracy poetry competition. All the adults in the school were so very impressed and proud of all the children. Everyone learnt a poem and had a go at speaking in front of their class, but Lexi was chosen to represent Reception. She was the first to recite her poem and was clear and brave!

Bread making

Following on from all our work learning about healthy foods, we have been investigating bread. We learnt where flour comes from and how it is milled and transformed into bread. We had a go ourselves, mixing all the ingredients and kneading our dough - it was tough work! The smell of baking bread was heavenly and we all nibbled a little bit while it was still warm.

Next we wanted to work out what our favourite fillings are for our delicious bread. We made a tally chart and asked all of our friends so our grown ups knew what to get from the shop for us. We had a go at making our own rolls and gobbled them up after PE on Friday! 

Maybe your child can tell you how to make bread, and perhaps help you make some over half term! We would love to see your creations on Tapestry!! 

Week nineteen (07.02.20)

This week we had a mystery parcel arrive from Amazon! On Tuesday we wrote about what we thought it was. Lots of us thought it was jewellery or a new game to play. When we finally opened the package we found some teeth. But who do they belong to? We had lots of conversations about whose teeth they were and looked at pictures of different animals to see if they belonged to any of them



We also had the semi-finals of our Poetry competition. We were so impressed with the children as they all tried hard to learn their poems off by heart. The grand final with all year groups will be held next week. We can't wait to see who wins!

Week eighteen (31.01.20)

This week we had an exciting visitor - Frederick Afrifa, a 200m sprinter came to visit us and share his story. He told us all about how he became a world class sprinter and all the work he has to do. He told us that his coach has always told him to KEEP MOVING FORWARDS! Even small steps in the right direction will get you to where you need to go. Fred showed us a video of one of his races as well as showing us a clip of Ninja Warrior UK! Fred had a go - ask your child how he did!



Also this week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year, learning about the Spring Festival and how it is celebrated. We tasted noodles and prawn crackers with either plum or soy sauce - they were delicious! 

We learned about Nian and how he was frightened of the colour red and loud noises, so during the festival, people wear red and let off firecrackers!


Picture 1
Picture 2

Week seventeen (24.01.20)

This week we enjoyed some toast for snack. We watched as our grown ups made the toast and we tried to give them careful instructions so they knew what to do next - we narrowly avoided having a whole loaf of bread still in its wrapper being squashed in the toaster!

We had a choice of a variety of toppings and had a go at spreading and cutting our own snack. 

We decided to find out which topping was the most popular and learned how to use tally charts too. 

Picture 1

Week sixteen (17.01.20)

This week we have had a busy week exploring fruit and vegetables. We had a super time tasting some fruits and using our senses to describe what we could see, feel, small and taste.... we tried listening to them to, but we couldn't hear a thing!!

Ask your child which fruit they enjoyed the most, did they they something new? What was the sour green fruit we tasted? Can they show you the face they made when they tried it!?


Once we had tasted the fruits we had a go at some observational drawing, we looked closely at the textures and shapes that we could see. We used some of the vegetable and fruit to make prints too.


We were lucky enough this week to have a visit from some students from Oakmoor School who came to share stories that they had written. We had a fabulous time meeting new friends and listening carefully to them. 


We have started our book groups within reception too, we are breaking off in to small groups to spend quality time sharing stories, talking about books, looking at pictures and making sure we know how to handle them carefully. We have really enjoyed having a special time to do this.


Talk Books

Look out for Talk Books in bags this week! We hope they give you an opportunity to talk to your child about what we have been learning in school this week. 



Week fifteen (10.1.20)

What a brilliant first week back to school! Everyone had the chance to share what they got up to during their holidays. We have also started our new topic called "Ready, Steady, Cook". To begin this topic we shared books all about fruit and vegetables. We then came up with lists of all the different fruits and vegetables we knew as a class. We even had a go at writing them down independently, using sound cards.



Please bring in PE kits again ready for Friday.

We change our reading books every Monday so please make sure children come into school with the reading books and reading records.

Week fourteen (20.12.19)

This week saw our spectacular performance of Christmas With The Aliens! Reception were amazing shepards, angels and stars and absolutely sung their heart out! Well done to you all!


We celebrated the end of term with our class parties and a fabulous pantomime show of Pinnochio!


Thank you all for your generous presents - We wish you all a peaceful and relaxing holiday time!


We are looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday 6th January 2020.


Next term

Don't forget there is an INSET day on Friday 10th January 2020.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Week thirteen (13.12.19)

This week we began to celebrate Christmas and enjoyed our delicious dinner with our special treat of a sweetie bag too! We all looked fabulous in our spectacular Christmas Jumpers! 

Week twelve (6.12.19)

This week we were lucky enough to meet Mr. Wilson (Tobys dad). Mr Wilson is a firefighter and bought lots of equipment and photographs with him to explain what he does. We had taken time to think of questions to ask before he arrived and really enjoyed finding out about firefighters. 

Mrs Noon and Mrs Lawley were extra lucky to try on a firefighters uniform, and said it was very heavy and quite hot to wear, but we also discovered that it helps to protect firefighters from fire too.

We really wanted to know if Mr Wilson had ever rescued people from burning buildings, and he said that only happens occasionally.... but a few days later we heard that Mr Wilson had in fact rescued a man just the day after! What a hero!!

Thank you for coming to see us Mr Wilson!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7

Next week:

Please keep bringing in completed maths challenges, Miss Smith is looking forward to seeing how the children are getting on and awarding more certificates in assembly. 


Please remember to send in monies for the panto at the end of term!


Thank you.

Week eleven (29.11.19)

On Monday morning we discovered that a catastrophe had happened with our Numberblocks! We came in to discover that Number One and Number Two were missing and our number areas had been ransacked! We already know lots about People Who Help Us, so knew we could rely on the Police to help us solve this mystery! The area was quickly cordoned off with police tape and we made ourselves some police badges so we could join in with finding clues!

We decided to make lost posters just incase anyone had seen them around school - but no one had - the search goes on!

If you have any information on the whereabouts of numberblocks 1 and 2, please tell a child in Lark, Wren or Owl Class!


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week Ten (22.11.19)

This week we have been writing books about People Who Help Us to share with our friends in Nursery. We each chose a page and wrote and drew what we knew. We also had the opportunity to use clay to make a person, or an object to show our friends. There were a fabulous array of police officers, firefighters, fire engines, doctors , as well as one police dog!

We then talked about what we had done and helped our friends to understand what we know already. We were so proud to show our work!


Reception also showed great resilience when we had a fire drill practice this week too - Wren, Owl and Lark classes showed great maturity, listening to grown ups and quickly, quietly and safely assembling on the playground! Well done to you all!


In maths we have been learning about numberlines, finding out what comes before, after and inbetween another number as well as singling lots of number rhymes and identifying missing numbers.


Next Week:

Parents evenings - if you haven't yet been able to make an appointment, please contact us, and we can make an appointment that suits you.


Week Nine 15.11.19

This week began with our thoughtful assembly on Remembrance Day, all children in reception were very respectful and could talk about remembering people who worked so hard to keep our country safe.

We helped to make handprint poppies for our wreath which we laid during the assembly. 


We have continued to think about people who help us and have been doing lots of reading about firefighters and police officers.


Our friends in year two came to visit to share books they had written based on the story Rabbityness, their version was called Foxiness! Can your child tell you about their story?


The end of our week has been the best as we all came in wearing our pyjamas to support Children in Need - what a comfy and fabulous day! Thank you for all your donations!


Next week:

Please carry on reading with your child, we will be changing reading books on a Monday and each child who has read five times or more will move up our reading beanstalk! When they reach the top, they will receive a prize in assembly. 


Maths challenges - Thank you to everyone who has bought in their maths challenges so far - Miss Smith will be working her way through them all and we will send invites to our Friday celebration assembly when they are complete!


Week eight 8.11.19

 "Remember remember the 5th November!" This week we have been learning about Guy Fawkes with our Gunpowder Plot' day on the 5th November. We made super fireworks pictures and talked about how we can be safe near fireworks too. 


We also celebrated the start of our new topic by dressing up as who we would like to be when we grow up. We were delighted to see so many police officers, fire fighters, builders and even a teacher or two!

We are beginning to learn about People Who Help Us and will explore this more over this half term.


Next Week:

Don't forget to check in with us to book a parents evening slot!



Week Seven 25.10.19

This week has been Arts Week and we have focused on the work of Jackson Pollock. We have had so much fun trying out his techniques and exploring his work. We have splashed, sprayed, dribbled, splattered and carefully manipulated the paint to achieve some stunning works of art of our own! We're so looking forward to seeing you at our gallery this afternoon!


You have the opportunity to buy the framed art too for only £3 - see you there!



This week we have been continuing to learn our sounds in phonics, everyone has been fabulous at showing us the action, singing the song and saying the sound - can your child find the sounds they know in their booklet?


After Half Term:

Look out for our topic letter, it explains our new topic - People Who Help Us.

We will be dressing up on  Wednesday 6th November as what we would like to be when we grow up.

 We can't wait to see you all on Wednesday!


Week Six 18.10.19

This week we have joined the rest of the school in assembly time. We enjoyed learning and joining in with new songs and actions. Miss Smith was so impressed with how well everyone adapted to this new experience! A big well done to all the children in Year R. We went back on Friday too to see some of our friends awarded with the badge for being such super Relationship Rabbits. Amelia from Wren Class, Chloe in Owl and Amelia from Lark class were all chosen for the fabulous way they are kind to their friends and are always super role models! Well done!


This week we have begun our maths sessions, and have been focusing on careful counting making sure that we touch or move each object as we count. 


Next week:

Next week is Arts Week and we will be finding out about Jackson Pollock - What does your child know already? Can they find out about him and his art and tell their class next week?



Week Five 11.10.2019

This week we have been focusing on our mark making skills. We have been looking at using our 'froggy legs' to help us hold a pencil. All the children drew a picture of themselves, thinking carefully about what they needed to draw. We've started phonics this week. We have looked at the sounds for s, a, t and p. Can your child remember the sounds and actions? 

Reminders: P.E. is on Friday, please remember your P.E. kit and please take out any earrings. If your child would like to be on the milk list please visit to register. Phonics books have come home this week. Children can practise the sounds and actions, recognising the sound and writing the letters. Christmas card designs have also been sent home. If you would like to order items with your child's design, please fill in the form and bring both the form and payment back to school by the 18th October.


Week Four 4.10.2019

This week we have been busy getting ready for the Harvest Festival. We visited St Mark's Church and sang our song' Big Red Combine Harvester'. All the children behaved brilliantly and sang their hearts out. Thank you to everyone who brought in items for the food bank.

During P.E we have been learning to throw and catch. Mr. White is very impressed with how eager the children have been to learn and how they have persevered.


Next Week: 

Reminders: P.E. is on Friday, please remember your P.E. kit and please take out any earrings. If your child would like to be on the milk list please visit to register.

Week Three 27.9.2019

This week we have been on a maths adventure. We have been busy showing the adults everything we know about numbers and shape. We have been counting objects, finding numbers, making models and telling everyone about our creations.

On Tuesday Mr White came to do P.E. with us. We discovered how to use the climbing equipment safely by using our hands and feet to help us climb up, down and across the wall bars. 

We have been busy learning a song called "Big Red Combine Harvester". Can your child sing you the song and remember the actions?  


Next Week: 

Reminders: P.E. is on Friday, please remember your P.E. kit and please take out any earrings. 


Week Two 20.09.19

This week we have been reading lots of stories and Traditional Tales, sharing stories with our friends and grown ups and watching some fun tales on the Interactive Whiteboard. 

We have all been superstars and handle our books with care, turning pages carefully and finding the words and pictures. Lots of us we also able to retell some familiar stories too. 

Can your child tell you one of the stories that we have read this week? 


Thank you for your support for Jeans for Genes day today! 



Next week:

New Parents Meeting on Wednesday 25th September at either 2pm or 5pm. Please come along to hear about how your child will learn in the Early Years at Weyford Nursery and Primary. We will discuss our approach to reading and how we teach your child phonics as well as introducing you to our online learning journal, Tapestry. 



Week One 13.09.19

We have had a fabulous first week getting to know new friends and teachers in Wren, Lark and Owl classes. We have been getting to know where all the toys are, showing our grown ups how fabulous we already are at being kind friends and have been super stars at putting our toys back in their homes when we have finished playing. 

All the grown ups in Early Years have been so proud of the way your children have coped with starting school, and we can't wait to see you all again next week!


Next Week:

We would like your child to start to come in through the classroom doors independently next week. Please could you say goodbye to your child in the playground and then encourage them to come in through the door themselves. We will then help your child to find their peg and get settled in the classroom.

Thank you for your co-operation.



If you would like your child to be added to our milk list at school and have milk at snack time, please make sure you have signed up on the suppliers website


PE Kits

Please make sure your child has a named PE kit in a bag on their peg. This needs to include a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in the colour of their house team.


Water bottles

Please make sure that your child has a named water bottle that they can access throughout the day. If you choose to send your child with squash or juice this will only be available for your child to drink at lunchtime.





New Parents Meeting

25th September 2019 at 2pm or 5pm

Please come along to one of these meetings to find out about our approach to teaching and learning in the early years at Weyford Nursery and Primary School.

We will talk about our online learning journal 'Tapestry', reading, phonics and our daily routine.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Newspaper Photos

A local newspaper is due to come to school tomorrow (12th September) to take new entrants photos. 

If you DO NOT want your child to be in the newspaper photo, please see a member of staff in the morning. 

Many thanks

The Year R team


Welcome to Reception at

Weyford Nursery and Primary School!


We're looking forward to welcoming you on Monday 9th September for your first exciting day at school! Our first day begins at 8.30am, when we will have time to play and get to know each other before lunch, and you will go home at 1pm.

From Tuesday 10th September, we will be at school full time, from 8.30am until hometime at 3pm.


Our Early Years team includes Lark, Owl and Wren classes, as well as our nursery friends in Robin class. 


It has been such fun to meet you all recently during our home visits. Thank you for sharing your toys and telling us all about yourselves when we met you. We can't wait to see you all looking so smart and grown up in your lovely uniforms on Monday!


Enjoy your weekend, and see you soon!

from, Mrs Lawley, Ms Morris, Mrs Noon, Mrs Ford, Miss Loades, Mrs Beesley, Mrs Fogden, Mrs Cornwell, Miss Burge, Mrs Bird, Mrs Baird and Mrs Edwards (AKA The Team!)