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‘Working Together for Excellence’



This week we celebrated the end of term with our class parties and a fabulous pantomime show of Handsome and Grottie!


Thank you all for your generous presents - We wish you all a peaceful and relaxing holiday time!


We are looking forward to seeing you all again on Tuesday 5th January 2021.


Next term

Don't forget there is an INSET day on Monday 4th January 2021.


This week we have been looking at Christmas. We have shared the Christmas Story as a class. We made Christmas decorations for our trees at school. All the children have been busy making different things to take home that will be a surprise for everyone at home.  Children enjoyed their delicious dinner on Wednesday and looked fabulous in their spectacular Christmas Jumpers on Friday. The children sang their line of 'Twelve Days of Christmas' beautifully and we are excited to share it with you on Tapestry.


This week we have been finishing off our 'People who Help Us' topic. We have been talking about our favourite people who help us. We have written about our favourites and painted pictures of them as well. In maths, we have continued focusing on counting forward and backwards, ordering numbers, counting carefully and finding missing numbers.


This week we have been looking at firefighters as part of our topic. On Monday we had a virtual meeting with a real firefighter. He told us about all the different jobs they have to do, what to do when the smoke alarm goes off and what firefighters have to wear. 

We also watched a virtual tour of a fire station too. We got to see all the different areas and what the firefighters did while they were there. We spoke about hot and cold items and how to behave around hot things such as a fireplace or an oven.


On Tuesday morning we discovered that a catastrophe had happened with our Numberblocks! We came in to discover that Number One, Number Two and Number Three were missing and our number areas had been ransacked! We already know lots about People Who Help Us, so knew we could rely on the Police to help us solve this mystery! The area was quickly cordoned off with police tape and we became detectives to find clues about what happened! We wrote evidence reports to tell everyone what we had found in our classrooms.

On Wednesday, we decided to make lost posters just in case anyone had seen them around school - but no one had - the search goes on!

If you have any information on the whereabouts of numberblocks 1, 2 and 3, please tell a child in Wren or Owl Class!


This week we have been looking at Remembrance day and why it is so important. We had a class circle time where we spoke about poppies, what they symbolise and why people wear them in November. The children then thought about a special time they remember and drew a picture and wrote about their special memory.


We have also begun reading with your child. Your child will come home with a book for you to share, a book they can read independently or a word building game to play together. Please look out on Tapestry as we will upload your child's reading journal where you have the opportunity to comment what you have been doing at home. If your child completes 5 reading tasks (this can be sharing a book together, reading to you or teddy words) they will go up our reading beanstalk. If they reach the top of the beanstalk they receive a prize.


Welcome back everyone, we hope you had a lovely half term. This week we have been busy introducing everybody to our new topic- 'People who help us'. We had an amazing hook day on Monday, everyone came dressed up as what they want to be and did some amazing drawings and writing. We spent the week talking about lots of different jobs. We spoke about what people did, where people worked and what equipment they might need to do their jobs.


This week has been Arts Week and we have focused on the year 2020. We learnt about Captain Sir Tom Moore and how he raised £40million pounds for the NHS. We also had so much fun looking at different techniques to make our rainbows. We spent the week practising using cotton wool, stamps, tissue paper and our fingers to create a picture. We then chose our favourite technique to achieve some stunning works of art! 


You have the opportunity to buy the framed art too for only £3 - Please see Mrs Fyfield in the office!



This week we looked at shape, space and measure. The children took part in lots of different activities and had a go at naming different shapes and talking about them. We also did lots of learning about Autumn. The children went on an autumn walk around the school and collected lots of leaves, conkers and acorns. Once we were back in the classroom we made lots of artwork using our collection of autumnal objects. They looked amazing and are on display around the school.

We also took part in the Harvest festival. Acer and Holly from Wren and Mya and Joshua from Owl class were chosen to read a poem out. They were amazing and spoke clearly so everyone could hear. We then all sang our two Harvest songs 'Harvest Samba' and 'One World'. Everyone sang beautifully and joined in with the actions.



This week we have been on a maths adventure. We have been busy showing the adults everything we know about numbers. We have been counting objects, finding numbers, ordering numbers and telling everyone what we already know.

We are beginning to get ready for our Harvest festival next week by learning our song "Harvest Samba." Can your child remember any of the words or actions?


This week we have been reading lots of stories and Traditional Tales, sharing stories with our friends and grown ups and watching some fun tales on the Interactive Whiteboard. 
We have all been superstars and handle our books with care, turning pages carefully and finding the words and pictures. Lots of us we also able to retell some familiar stories too. 

We also had a go at drawing a picture of our favourite things at home and some of us had a go at writing about these things too.

Can your child tell you one of the stories that we have read this week? 


Wow! What a fantastic few weeks we have had. We really enjoyed meeting you all on the virtual home visits and then seeing you in small groups each afternoon. We have all now met all our classmates and have enjoyed making new friends. The children have gotten used to staying for lunch and it is lovely having them in full time. 



If you would like your child to be added to our milk list at school and have milk at snack time, please make sure you have signed up on the suppliers website