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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Do, Know, Remember (DKRs) for year group learning

To start the new year and as we enter spring, we have a super busy half term!!

Please find below the DKRs for: 

history (Why did the Romans invade Britain?),

science (forces) and

Spanish (understanding animal nouns and how to talk about them).

Please help your child by talking through he DKRs and discussing vocabulary and themes as they learn more.

History - DKR - Romans

Science DKR - spring 1 - forces

Spanish DKR - spring 1

Don't forget, you can always look back at our old DKRs to remind yourself about different subjects your have enjoyed

Over the next half term we will be carrying out our first science topic (light and shadow).

Just as with the geography, please go through the DKR with your child / children to help them to understand some of the key vocabulary they will encounter during the unit. 

You can find a copy of the DKR below and a paper copy will be sent home.

DKR for science - Light and shadow

Welcome to the first home learning task that will support our geography topic

'Our Town Bordon'


Please take time, with your child, to read through the information on the 'Do, Know, Remember' (DKR) sheet that is attached above - this information will help with their class learning.


Please help them to write one question that they want to know the answer to about the town and write their favourite thing about the town.



As a town, Bordon will be the comparison used for many aspects of geography learning from now until the end of year 6, so will be essential knowledge that they will need.


Thank you for your help.