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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher: Julie Smith


Deputy Headteacher: Lynne Roadnight


Assistant Headteacher: Stacey David


Early Years Leader:  Eleri Lawley

Nursery:  Sarah Ford, Zoe Morris, Becky Bird,  Tina Baird,  Lisa Arnold

Early Years Teachers: Eleri Lawley, Kate Loades,

Early Years Key Workers:   Jan Burge, Rachel Fogden, 


KS1 Leader: Lynne Roadnight

Year 1 Teachers:  Mr Simon Lewis, Vicky Noon, Lou Simmons

Year 1 Teaching Assistants: Paula Marshall, Vicki Walker

Year 2 Teachers: Lynne Roadnight, Christy Manoharan, Georgette Bicknell

Year 2 Teaching Assistants: Sylvie Ray, Karen House


KS2 Leader: Stacey David

Year 3 Teachers: Louise Fraser, Helen Coyte

Year 3 Teaching Assistants: Sara Morton, Mrs Wendy Boyden,

Year 4 Teachers: Katie Cragg, Eli Plaza, Stacey David

Year 4 Teaching Assistants: Rachel Sheppard, Abbi Jones, Emma Edwards

Year 5 Teachers:  Helen Telford, Victoria Webber

Year 5 Teaching Assistants: Claire Brown, Heather Darling, Paula Boorer, Jean Parsonage

Year 6 Teachers: Ashley Clarke, Anne-Marie Rhodes

Year 6 Teaching Assistants:   Carole Yates, Anita Tindall, 



Pastoral Team:  Lisa Haynes (Inclusion Leader), Louise Bills (Home School Link Worker), Sylvie Ray (SEND Assistant)


Finance Officer:  Lesley Steele

Data Officer: Richard Dallaway

Administrative Assistant: Sarah Fifield


Site Manager:  Adrian Oakley


Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants:

Sue Holloway

Joanne Ford

Sally Day

Pauline Arnold

Hannah Clydesdale

Katie Flanagan

Margaret Wakefield