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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Parks Class

Summer 2 Upcycling clothes project - the finished creations!

Parks class have been creating their upcycled items in DT this week. We have created an array of items: bags, bandanas, purses, cushions and clothing. We have tried hard to join materials together and add decoration.

Summer 2 Upcycling clothes project - Parks class have been practising their sewing skills in DT this week. This is in preparation for upcycling material later on in the half term.

Summer 2 STEM week - To celebrate STEM week, Parks class set about researching, designing and making water wheels. We chose this as our school (Weyford) has a waterwheel as part of our logo and is a fundamental part of our town's history.

Summer 1 - Aspiration Day - to kick off our Aspiration themed half term, the children in Parks class came into school dressed as someone they might want to be when they grow up.

Topic day - ancient Egyptians - 5.11.21 As part of our topic day on the ancient Egyptians, we made some Egyptian death masks inspired by the death mask they found in Tutankhamun's tomb

Children in Parks class made animal collages as part of their art topic this half term.

Welcome back!


I hope everybody had a fun and exciting summer holidays. Lots of hard work is in store but lots of fun as well. Please check the website for updates of what we have been learning, letters and home learning.




Mr Clarke