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‘Working Together for Excellence’


SENDCO:  Lisa Haynes

Telephone:  01420  472119


At Weyford Nursery and Primary School, we work hard to meet the needs of all our pupils. At different times during their education, many children have some difficulties with their learning or with their social and emotional development.  During these times, the children will be supported by their classroom staff and may work for periods of time with an additional adult either one to one or in a small group.


Sometimes children continue to have difficulties and are identified as having a special educational need.  While the child's progress remains the responsibility of their class teacher, they are also supported by our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Miss Lisa Haynes.


If you have any concerns about your child's learning or their personal and social development, please talk to your class teacher in the first instance.  They will direct you to Miss Haynes if this is required.


Please find below further information regarding the Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision here at Weyford Nursery and Primary School.

SEND information report 2022