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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Toby Wilson (Earhart class) and Dougie Harding (Moore class) completed a remarkable unbeaten season for their football team, the Headley Hotspurs Under 7's. Congratulations on this terrific achievement!

On Friday 29th April, Pierre Henry-Fontaine (a former England basketball player) came to Weyford to participate in some exercises and deliver an inspirational and motivational assembly. This is part of our 'aspiration' half term and Pierre was fantastic in engaging all of us in exercise and helping us raise some money for our school.

Chloe Green (Hawking class) competed in the Andersen Groups dance competition in Essex. She won a 2nd place trophy for the rock'n'roll pairs and the 4th place trophy for the freestyle pairs. What a fantastic achievement Chloe :)

On Thursday 7th March, Weyford sent two teams to play in the Tag Rugby tournament at Oakmoor School. Both teams played hard and worked together in attack and defence - congratulations everybody :)

Savannah Berry (Gandhi class) won these trophies for a national Twirling competition in Bournemouth. She won the trophy for military marching and the first place medal for m and m group dance. Congratulations Savannah!

Weyford sent two teams to play in the Basketball competition at Oakmoor on Thursday 10th February. Both the Year 3&4 and the Year 5&6 teams were amazing- they played so well as a team showing fantastic dribbling, passing and shooting skills. Both teams played fantastically and the Year 5&6 team were the deserving winners! Another brilliant milestone in the competition for our school.

Ziani Campbell (Rowling) earned these certificates and medals for outstanding effort and performance in Gymnastics. She won them in competitions for vault and floor whilst representing Stellar Gymnastics in Aldershot. Some medals are from Winterfest, a mini festival of gymnastics that takes place in winter against other gymnastics clubs.

Thomas Atkinson (Malala) earned player of the match for his football team. Congratulations Thomas, we are sure this is the beginning of many more trophies in your football career.

Lincoln Kirby (Moore) played his first ever game of organised football for the Headley Hawks Under 7’s. He had loads of fun and did such a great job that he was named player of the match! Well done Lincoln!

Weyford sent two teams to play in the Hockey competition at Oakmoor on Thursday 9th December. Both the Year 3&4 and the Year 5&6 teams were amazing- they played so well as a team showing fantastic stick skills. Both teams played fantastically and the Year 5&6 team finished a close second! Another brilliant moment in the competition for our school.

Mason Pavey (Moore class) earned the Man of the Match trophy for his performance for his football team. Well done Mason.

Congratulations to Lucas White (Hawking class) for earning the Man of the Match trophy for his team at the weekend. Keep up the good work Lucas

Cody Callard-Williams (Parks class) has earned this collection of trophies for all his football achievements. They include a Representation trophy for Headley Hunters; Supporters’ player of the year; Manager’s player of the year; Man of the Match for a cup final; Representation in the cup final and Representation for his first season at Headley. Cody has also recently been invited to a 6-week trial with Portsmouth FC - good luck Cody!

Biba Holloway (Holmes class) has earned more trophies for her amazing dancing skills! She has won these for her Cha Cha Cha and Waltz performances. Excellent work Biba, keeeeeeeeep dancing!

Congratulations to Chloe Barr (Moore class) on her excellent progress in her Taekwondo classes. Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts focussing on kicking and punching techniques. Keep up the great work Chloe!

Weyford sent two teams to play in the Handball competition at Oakmoor on Thursday 21st October. Both the Year 3&4 and the Year 5&6 teams were amazing - they played so well a team showing fantastic handball and teamwork skills. Both teams were so incredible they ended up finishing second! What a great start to the competition for our school..

Savannah Berry (Gandhi class) is our superstar twirler! Savannah has won three trophies for military and basic twirling. Her amazing medal collection is for her free roll, combo, solo and marching routines. Keep up the fantastic work Savannah.

Eva Pavey (Gandhi class) is an exceptional gymnast and has won many medals for all different gymnastic disciplines. She has won medals for holds, strength, bars, beam, metal bar, floor routines, tumble and vault. We are excited to hear more about Eva’s progress through the gymnastic ranks!

Biba Holloway (Holmes class) has earned all of these trophies for her amazing dancing skills! She has competed in jive, quickstep and salsa amongst many others. Biba has promised her teachers that they will be the first to get tickets when she is a professional on Strictly Come Dancing.

Dylan Huelin (Parks class) got Man of the Match for Headley Hunters Under 11’s. He played as an emergency goalie as their normal goalkeeper was out injured. Agonizingly, they lost 3-2, but Dylan made some incredible ‘Gordon Banks-esque’ saves to keep them in the game!

Congratulations to Toby Wilson (Earhart class) and Dougie Harding (Moore class). They played their first ever league match for Headley Hotspurs earlier this season and smashed it 11-4!

Weyford Nursery and Primary Academy

PE Curriculum Statement


The national curriculum for PE aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives


At Weyford Nursery and Primary Academy, we aim to provide a PE curriculum that meets the needs of our learning community by providing them with opportunities they may not receive outside of school. We aim to offer a range of learning experiences that the children will enjoy, in addition to developing their health, fitness and well-being whilst at our school and in their life beyond. We also aim to provide opportunities for competition in individual or team activities that will help them develop character and embody our school values: Respect, Achievement, Kindness, Teamwork, Aspiration & Inclusivity.


We understand that school can be the only place where children engage in physical exercise (especially post-lockdown), let alone understanding the fundamental skills required to participate in sports such as agility, balance and co-ordination. With this in mind, we embed and over-learn these fundamental skills throughout our PE activities. We offer 2 hours of PE learning every week, where the class teacher delivers one session and a sports coach teaches the other (with the class teacher involved in the session to aid their own development). The curriculum is further enhanced by competing in fixtures against local schools, an annual championship of different sporting events and after school clubs run by external providers.

To broaden the children’s learning experiences further, we have included more niche sports within our curriculum including table tennis, flag football, indoor curling and handball. We also try to take the children to live sporting events to provide them with the unbeatable excitement of a live event; these have included a Cricket World Cup match and a match at the upcoming Women’s Euro 2022 football championship.


Our children will have a set of fundamental skills that they can apply across a range of sports and physical activities. This will aid their transition to PE at Secondary school and provide them with skills needed to succeed in sports in their later life. Ultimately, we aim to educate our children in how it is important that they maintain their physical and mental wellbeing outside of school and in their life beyond.

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