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Science Curriculum Statement

Science at Weyford is designed to meet the needs of all our children.  We aim to give them a range of first hand experiences that inspire them in their learning of science. Each topic will have the key knowledge that children will learn.  They will then be given opportunities to use this knowledge to help in a range of scientific enquiry activities to develop their scientific skills.  We will ensure children are familiar with and can use the relevant vocabulary.  


Our science planning adheres to the National Curriculum.  Science is taught for 2 days every half term.  This is to help children retain knowledge and skills so they can apply them straight away.  Prior to each topic children complete a cold task based on the knowledge children should have learnt in the previous linked topic.  Any gaps in knowledge will be addressed before the topic is begun. 
Lessons will be engaging and hands on to enable to develop their scientific skills. Teachers are knowledgeable in and enthusiastic.  Key vocabulary will be explained on the front cover of each topic and on the science working walls enabling children to be familiar with and use vocabulary accurately.
We will have yearly STEM week to celebrate and experience science different to what that would in regular topics.  

Children will have the scientific knowledge and skills which they will be able to apply to a range of to help them make sense of the world around them. They will be able questions the world around them and suggest ways to answer those questions. Because of their first hand experiences, they enjoy science and are keen to continue learning about science. They will be ready to continue their learning at secondary school.