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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Computing focuses on the continuity of change within technology. As teachers, it is our responsibility to help develop our children's computational thinking. Pupils studying computing will gain and understanding of computational systems of all kind, whether or not they include the use of computers. The schemes of work are divided into two sections: Digital Literacy and Computer Science. 


Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is the use of technology in harmony of what we do. For instance, the use of the internet to resource information; using cameras to capture our work; or to present our findings in a creative way.


Computer Science

Computer science explores how we think through problems. It focuses on generating algorithms to create a series of instructions for a task. It explores looking the coding which creates programming, and how pupil themselves can use this to create their own.  


Electronic Safety (E-Safety)

The subject also focuses on E-Safety and how  children act in a wider, digital and social manner. It is our responsibility to ensure that we make sure children know how to make a positive contribution to the net; while making them aware of the dangers that can also be present when suing the web. Overall we want to promote a positive use of technology which enrich and enhances the lives of our children. 


E-Safety also considers the use of mobile devices, blogs and social media platforms.