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‘Working Together for Excellence’


History is taught through a range of exciting topics from the Great Fire of London in Key Stage 1 to the Roman's and King's and Queen's in Key Stage 2.


We think about the chronology of historical events, placing them on a world timeline as well as United Kingdom's own timeline when applicable. We also learn about change and continuity over time, for example children have played with toys throughout the ages, but how are toys different now to those of the past? Children learn about historical figures over time such as Samuel Pepys and more recent figures (Tim Peake).


Children get to experience learning history in a variety of ways from investigating real historical artefacts, to going on school trips to historical places and museums, for example, the Novium in Chichester.

Year Two

Year two have been investigating the Great Fire of London and made some very realistic models of the homes in London in the 1600's. They found out why the fire happened, where it started and how homes were built differently afterwards.

They then burnt their beautiful creations and saw for their own eyes why the Great Fire took hold and spread so quickly too. 


VE Day 2020

We celebrated VE Day in style this year - at home, but certainly an occasion to remember. We spent time with our families sharing food and celebrating in a new and socially distant way.

Some of our Weyford families shared memories of loved ones who lived through the Second World War, and shared their stories with us below. 

Remembrance Day 11th November 2020

We were able to share our remembrance assembly with the school via the wonders of the internet! Each year group had prepared moving readings to share with the school and wreaths were placed at our Cenetaph. 

All the staff were so very proud of the way that our students conducted themselves throughout the assembly. Children from every year group took part, from nursery to year 6, and each showed great respect and an understanding of the need to remember this very important occasion.