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Art and Design


Weyford Nursery and Primary Academy

Art Curriculum Statement



Our Art curriculum is designed to give children the opportunity to explore their ideas through experimenting, inventing and creating their own varied works of art using a range of materials, as well as evaluate and develop their knowledge of famous artists, designers and craft makers.  It allows the children to develop their curiosity and enhance their personal, social and emotional development through the expression of art and design in a variety of ways. Our curriculum equips children with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create pieces based on their individual interests and, as the children progress, they should be able to reflect on their work and think critically about what was successful and how it could be improved.


The teaching and implementation of the Art and Design curriculum at Weyford Nursery and Primary Academy is broadly based on the aims of the National Curriculum. Units are planned to allow children to experiment and experience a variety of artistic techniques throughout their time at Weyford, as well as develop and improve their skills. The planning and teaching of Art takes into account the needs of individual children, allowing all children to be challenged to become creative, resilient and independent learners.

Children are taught skills and techniques of art styles and artists as well as how famous artwork reflects our history and contributes to culture and the world we live in.

The children’s learning is further enhanced by an annual Arts Week, where famous local, national and international artists and styles of art are celebrated and explored.  During this week, the children have the opportunity for collaborative working and exploring the different styles and techniques of a range of artists.


Our children will have access to a broad, balanced arts curriculum and thus gain a variety of skills and experiences that they can apply accurately when discussing or designing their own art and design. They will be given the opportunity to express themselves creatively and improve their inquisitiveness about the world. Children will be more confident in evaluating their own work and giving their opinions on the work of others.


Three Cheers for the Coronation of King Charles III

BBC Children in Need - Three Cheers for the Coronation of King Charles III

Video tutorial - Three Cheers for the Coronation of King Charles III

Still image for this video

Arts Week 2022 - the decades. Each year group focused on a different decade and performed a dance or song from this time. We had a great assembly!

Some of the amazing displays our school have created for Queen Elizabeth II

Observational drawing - Queen Elizabeth II

Weyford's Great Artist

Well done Weyford! The art gallery was amazing with some brilliant framed art and inspiring class collaborations!


Art and Design gives children the opportunity to explore their ideas by experimenting, inventing and creating their own varied works of art using a range of materials. At Weyford school, we ensure that each Key stage is following the National Curriculum guidelines.


In the Early Years Foundation Stage, children are encouraged to practise handling, controlling and moving through drawing, painting and the use of clay. 


In Key stage 1, the skills are developed into exploring colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. We do this though the use of textiles, printing, collage and even 3D design in ICT.


In Key stage 2, children are encouraged to keep sketch books of their ideas, showing the design and planning process as well as the end result. They continue to learn about different artists and designers in history. These areas are covered through the use of collage, portraits, papier mache and painting.