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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Ladybird Class - Click here for our learning and photos!

Summer 1

Our investigation topic is All Around the World! We will be learning about the UK and other countries that our friends and family may live. We will be learning some words in different languages and trying different foods. 

We are reading stories about London and how you can travel around London.

Spring 2 

Traditional Tales

We have been reading Traditional tales and learning about the characters in each story. We have loved hearing about Goldilocks but think she is a little naughty for going into the bears house with out being invited! We have loved acting out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and making our hen lay golden eggs!

We made bear biscuits and tried porridge! 

Spring Term 1 2024

We had been learning about People who help us and super heroes.

We have enjoyed playing in our role play and pretending to be doctors and firefighters. We have enjoyed the changes in the weather and even saw some snow. The last week of the Spring term we have celebrated Lunar New year and enjoyed tasting different foods. 

cold weather and ice!

Tasting new foods!

Autumn Term 2023 

We hope you had a wonderful Summer holiday! 

Just a reminder that Nursery reopens on Tuesday 5th September at 8.30 am. 

We look forward to seeing you all!

We have had a visitor in nursery ! Sergio the tortoise came to visit . We found out he loves to eat lettuce , he likes a bath and he has no ears! But its ok as he can feel vibrations and he has a super special eyesight. His shell has 64 bones in and he puts his head, legs and tail in if he feels scared.

Our caterpillars have made a cocoon around themselves and we are waiting for them to turn into a butterfly! 

We cant wait to see them change.

We have been reading the Rainbow Fish and learning about sharing and being kind to our friends. we loved balancing the shells on the scales.

What a warm week!!

We have loved splashing in the paddling pool to cool off today!

The farm has been fantastic! We loved meeting the goats, pigs and sheep! We were really gentle when we held the chickens and ducks. 

STEM Week 

This week is super exciting as we have been exploring lots of different scientific experiments! 

We asked the children what they would like to learn and each day they have been amazing with ideas and talking about their learning! 

On Monday we made windmills and made them move in the wind outside.

On Tuesday we put food colouring in our shaving foam and mixed the colours! We also made water rockets and released them on the school field!  We also made skittles rainbows ! 

On Wednesday we blew bubbles and built Lego models for our friends! 

We have been learning about shapes! We have been making pictures using shapes and matching shapes.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants!

We roared with laughter at Dinosaurs Love Underpants this week!

We thought it was hilarious and made the dinosaurs new underpants to stop them fighting! Which ones are your favourite?

Wellie Walk in the Sunshine

Today we walked to the Billy Goats Gruff Bridge but we couldn't see the troll! We enjoyed running in the sunshine and building nests for the animals! 

Coronation Celebration!

We had so much fun celebrating King Charles III coronation, we crowned our own King and Queen, made crowns and celebrated with a party too.


This week, we also explored the book, The King's Coronation by Frances Rose and wondered what The King might have eaten for his special Coronation breakfast. We tried cornflakes, toast, porridge and pancakes. 


If we were in charge, we would definitely eat pancakes every day!


We have been baking! 

We made a cake in the shape of a dinosaur! It was delicious!



The egg has hatched!

The dinosaurs are in the classroom. We have dinosaurs in ice , dinosaurs in the role play and we are learning lots of fab facts about dinosaurs and where they live!

Welcome back!

We are excited to see all of our children after Easter. The sun is shining and we are enjoying playing outside!

  March 27th 2023- We have been on a wellie walk and we took Buster for a walk. He was very well behaved and we enjoyed throwing sticks for him. We ran across the field and looked for signs of Spring.


We have had a great day helping to raise money for Red Nose Day! We rose to the Bluey challenge and were excellent at playing keepy uppy with a balloon - we found out we were even better at the game if we worked together as a team!

Jack and the Beanstalk 

We have loved learning about Jack and the Beanstalk! We have turned our role play into a cottage for Jack and his mother to live in. 

We love learning about how 'furious' mum is with Jack.  We decided mum must feel like a Red Colour Monster!


The snow came today! We have been talking about it all week and finally we got to play in the snow!

The Colour Monster

We have been reading the Colour Monster which about managing our feelings. We have made monsters and put our feelings into bottles. We enjoyed sharing our learning with the Year 5 classes. They showed us their dream catchers that they have made! 

World Book Day 2023

We had a super day sharing our favourite stories and dressing up as characters we love! Can you see who we are in our photo?

Tell me a Story

Spring 2 

It is pancake day in Ladybird Class! We read Mr Wolfs Pancakes and enjoyed learning about all of the ingredients he needed to make a pancake. 

We toasted pancakes and added a topping. Then we made playdough pancakes so we could practise flipping in the pan. 

Our story basket poem is Mix a pancake by Christina Rossetti

Mix a Pancake

Stir a pancake

Pop it in the pan

Fry the pancake

Toss the pancake 

Catch it if you can




Creativity Day

We had a blast today reading books by Oliver Jeffers! We read How to Catch a Star, The Great Paper Caper and The Way Back Home.

We loved them so much that we were inspired to make own own stars, space scene and some super junk modelling rockets to blast us in to space! We even had a go at making our own paper!

Well done Ladybird Class

We have been learning about road safety! We have been learning to hold hands when we cross the road. we have learnt about zebra crossing and pelican crossing. We loved driving on the road and learning to cross safely. 

Our baby clinic is so much fun! We had a visit from Alfie's new baby brother , Henry.

We are learning all about looking after babies and keeping them safe and healthy.

We have had lots of visitors in the school to talk about their jobs!

The police officers came with their car and the Firefighter. 

We loved hearing the siren and we loved trying on the uniforms! 


Lost and found!


We came to nursery on Tuesday to find that Tizzy our Early Talk Boost tiger was missing. The box where she lives had been tipped up, and there were footprints all over our floor. 

Our friends at the police came as soon as they could and helped us to find clues as to what had happened to Tizzy. 

The very next day, we received a parcel with Tizzy inside! He had been on an adventure and was safe and welll!!

Icy Weather

The weather has been so cold frown  We have enjoyed going outside and exploring the ice! 

Fire fighters

We have been learning all about firefighters. We have learnt how they put out fires and what special equipment they need to wear to keep themselves safe. We have made a fire engine to play with in the role play.

Happy New Year!


This half term we will be exploring the topic

People Who Help Us.


Can you think of anyone that you know who helps you?

It's Panto day today! Oh yes it is!!

We had a blast today watching The Open Box Theatre Company perform their version of Aladdin. We laughed and clapped along!

Happy Christmas to all of our Weyford friends and families x

We were all amazing in our Christmas performance! We loved singing the songs and having a boogie to the music. 

Ladybird Class are looking forward to Christmas!!

We have been crafting, singing and talking about what Christmas means to us. We have decorated our tree and love dressing up to get ready for the big day!

Our friendly elf has joined us again this year - we hope he's not too mischievous...!

Next Wednesday afternoon we have our Fun with Food afternoon.

Parents can come into school and try our delicious food ! Our class will go and sample the food at 2.20pm.

Fun with Food

We have been learning about vegetables. We read The  Enormous Turnip and made vegetable soup!

It was delicious!

11th November 



Ladybird Class has been thinking about Remembrance and what the poppy symbol means to us. We all agreed that the poppy means that we give thanks to all the men and women who have helped to keep us safe and have fought in wars to make the world a safer place for us now. 


5th November 2022

Remember remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot, 

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot


We had such great fun sitting round the fire with a biscuit and a sparkler! We talked about firework safety and why there so many fireworks to see at the moment!


Arts week!

We have been learning about a street artist called Paul Stone @Mydogsighs. If you're ever in Portsmouth, make sure to check out some of his work around the city.


We were inspired to make lots of process arts, like bubble painting, marbling, foam painting and puffy paints to make our backgrounds. Next we took a photo of our eye and used oil pastels to add detail.



We have been getting excited about autumn and have noticed lots of pumpkins in the shops. We had a great time opening a pumpkin up to see what was inside! We noticed lots of slimey, slippery flesh and hard smooth seeds too. 

We decided to make sure our pumpkin had a big smile and a circle and triangle for eyes too. 

Makaton Sign of the Week - Pumpkin

Ladybird class went on a Bear Hunt in the Sunshine! We did not meet any bears luckily but we saw some spiders in their webs and we saw some squirrels running up the trees. We looked carefully for signs of Autumn and we listened to the trees and the river.

We are learning about the colour red and we are learning about the number 2. We know we have two ears and two eyes and two stamping feet.

Makaton - Autumn Colours - yellow / red / green / brown 💛♥️💚🧡

Welcome back to a new year in Ladybird Class!


We are looking forward to sharing our learning journey with you. This term we will be learning about Ourselves and what makes us special. There is so much to find out!!







We have been lucky enough to get some new maths resources. We have had a great time exploring and learning about numbers this week!