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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Butterfly Class

Our first school trip to Birdworld

We had a fantastic day exploring the farm and then searching for different birds to tick off on our list.

Some of our favourites were the parrots, penguins, owls and flamingos.

Mill Cottage Farm Visit

We had a very exciting visit from Mill Cottage Farm. Farmer Tom and Farmer Shelley brought lots of animals with them for us to stroke, hold and find out about. We found out so many great facts!

Did you know a sheep has four tummies?

Did you know a boy donkey is called a 'Jack' and a girl is called a 'Jenny'?

Did you know a turkey's neck is called a 'snood' and it changes colour?


As part of our STEM Week theme of 'Our environment', we made bird feeders to provide food for the birds in our wildlife area.