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‘Working Together for Excellence’

School council

Playground Rules


The school council have written a new set of Playground rules for our new Primary School.  They are going to be printed on signs around the playgrounds.  They have had some really excellent ideas.  Here are the rules!





  Weyford Nursery and Primary School Council 


At Weyford Nursery and Primary School, children are at the heart of our school community and we want to make sure that our school is:

  • a safe and happy place for children

  • a place where children can voice their concerns

  • a place where we encourage all children in the school to suggest improvements

  • a place where suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.


As a school, we value the thoughts, ideas and opinions of all our children and the School Council is one way of ensuring the voice of the children is heard and has an impact on the development and daily life of the school.


The School Council is made up of representatives from Year 1 to Year 6.


                      Year 1 - Chaffinch - Oliver                    Year 1 - Magpie - Jewel & Joshua

                 Year 2 - Blackbird - Lily & Hayden        Year 2 - Nightingale - Jessica & Nathan   

Year 2 - Swift - Amelia & Dylan   

Year 3 - Dove - Chloe & Sebastian       Year 3 - Wagtail - Riley & Emily

Year 4 - Lapwing - Maisie & Edis          Year 4 - Cuckoo - Melody & Brandon

Year 5 - Heron - Poppy & Jasper          Year 5-  Moorhen -Lily & Joshua

Year 5 - Plover - Hollie & Daniel

Year 6 Kingfisher - Bonnie & Leon        Year 6 - Swan - Millie & Jakub


What will be expected of the school council representative?

  • They will be responsible for the ongoing process of collecting the thoughts, ideas and opinions of the children in their class and reporting back to the Council so that all children in our school can have their say.

  • They will bring new ideas forward as to how we can improve our school and local environment.

  • They will sometimes come to the meetings with ideas of fund raising for the school and for other local or national charities.

  • They will identify the priorities and lead the initiative to enhance what we do as a school.



On 27th November 2017, the school council met with some students from Chichester University who are going to be working in the Key Stage 1 wildlife area. The school council worked with the students and came up with some good ideas which could enhance our area. The students have gone away with the School Council interesting ideas watch this space and watch the Key Stage 1 Wildlife area for some interesting changes....





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School Council letters