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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Steadman Class

Lauren Steadman

Poles Apart Hook Day



We had our Poles Apart Hook Day. We looked at the North and South Pole. We created our own 3D polar bears, collaged a snowy sky and had a go at drawing our own cartoon polar bears.

Red Nose Day


On Friday, we all wore red for Red Nose Day and raised lots of money. On Friday afternoon, we decorated biscuits to look like faces, completed some superhero colouring and had lots of fun.

Joe Wicks


We met the nation's PE teacher! Joe Wicks kindly video called us - we completed a workout with him (we were all very tired after this) and we got to ask him some of our amazing questions. Joe was so lovely and kind to us - thank you Joe!

World Book Day


We had an amazing day on World Book Day. We spoke about our favourite books and favourite characters. We had a parade where we showed off our costumes to the other classes. The children all looked fabulous!

Aspiration Day


We had great fun on Friday dressing up as what we would like to be when we are older. We had such a range of ideas, from teachers to astronauts, skateboarders to bakers! The children all looked wonderful!


We wrote about what we would like to be when we grow up, drew pictures of ourselves when we were older and created a poem as a class. We created some butterflies with our aspirations on for a display in the hall.

Romero Britto Hook Day


In our topic this half term, we are looking at Romero Britto. We will be creating our own Romero Britto inspired pieces. 


Romero Britto is inspired by pop art, graffiti and cubism. We had a go at creating a piece of art work in each of the styles. We coloured our names in graffiti with pencils, pop art with felt pens and cubism with paint. 

Christmas Cards


For our art, we have been looking at printing. We planned and made our own stamps to created printed Christmas cards. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Arts Week


We had such a busy week during Arts Week. We were inspired by Elyse Dodge, a Canadian artist who paints landscapes. She uses bright colours and geometric shapes to form mountains. 


We created fact-files about her and replicated her work. Have a look at some of our art!