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‘Working Together for Excellence’


We hope you have had a lovely half-term holiday and your children are ready for the final Summer half term. This half term we are thinking about 'Amazing Animals'.  This theme will include activities based around thinking about our pets, farm animals, wild animals and creatures that live in the sea. The children will have the opportunity to observe chicken eggs hatching into chicks, learning about the buterfly life-cycle by having caterpillars in the classroom and a visit to the school of some farm animals where the children will be able to meet the animals and find out lots of interesting facts. 

There will be a focus on language and communication skills and social skills. During snack times the children sit with their keyworker and have the opportunity to chat and share any news they may have.  The social skills will include thinking about sharing our toys, taking care of our classroom and toys, having kind hands and being helpful.

There will also be a focus on 'handgym' activities which are designed to help the children's hands be ready to hold writing tools. These activities will include, playdough, threading, putting pegs on a plate, using tweezers to put small objects in pots and winding up toys. There will be a focus on identifying names using name cards and forming the letters in their names. We will follow the WriteDance scheme, and give the children lots of opportunities to form writing patterns and mark make both indoors and outdoors.

Each week there will be a focus on a number, a colour of the week and a sound of the week. We will be singing lots of counting and action songs to introduce the children to numbers and counting.