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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Planning and ideas

Children often thrive with a bit of routine, you might find it helpful to use a visual timetable with your child to help them understand what to expect now and next in your day. 

Ideas for a visual timetable at home

Our day in school is very much based around learning through play.

Of course you need to plan your day to suit the needs of the family, however we suggest that your day might include time to...

  • find an activity on the plan which you would like to try
  • read together and share stories
  • check tapestry for the story of the day
  • check tapestry for the phonics or listening activity
  • talk together
  • help with daily chores around the house
  • listening carefully to the sounds you can hear on a walk near your home
  • taking turns playing a game
  • call or video chat with a family member to share a story
  • play outside, practice on your bike, challenge your siblings to a race, see who can do the most star jumps!
  • tell us how you are doing on Tapestry, we would love to hear from you at least once a week!