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Home Learning

Home Learning

Please check here for our weekly planning and ideas.

Monday 11th May


Hello all,


We hope you have had a wonderful weekend in the sunshine and celebrating VE day on Friday, it was lovely to see how you all celebrated and the fun that you had together as families. If you haven't already done so, please upload your photos on Tapestry.


This coming week we are all going on a "Bear Hunt". There are lots of fun things to do linked to this story, we hope that your child enjoys this week's theme.


Please continue to post on Tapestry, we are sharing all of the wonderful work with Miss Smith for the Sparkle book on a weekly basis and it helps us to decide on who is going to be awarded the Yellow Jersey as part of our celebration assembly that takes place on a Friday, this gets posted by Miss Smith on the school Facebook page on a Friday morning.


I think there will also be a new challenge this week from Miss Smith or Mrs Roadnight so please look out for these too.


Have a great week, we look forward to seeing you for our virtual meets, this week please bring a favourite story to show and tell us about.


Take care and continue to keep safe


Kind Regards

Mrs Lawley, Ms Morris, Miss Loades and Mrs Noon 

We're going on a bear hunt

WE'RE GOING ON A BEAR HUNT For brave hunters and bear-lovers! Follow and join in the family's excitement as they wade through the grass, splash through the r...

Monday 4th May


Hello All,


I hope you have had a nice weekend and have enjoyed your time together.

A big thank you to you all for joining us for our virtual meets this week, the children loved seeing each other and catching up together. This week we will try to regroup the children a bit more so that they get the opportunity to see other friends from their classes. I know that Ms Morris and the team are planning to do a "Show and Tell" this week, so start thinking about something that is really special to you that you would like to share with your friends. We can't wait to see what you bring.


This week is all about Paddington Bear, you will find lots of ideas for the coming week, we've even given you the opportunity to enjoy some Paddington stories and maybe watch the film if you have it. Can you help Paddington to remember how to make sandwiches, help pack a suitcase and even have a go at making some Paddington biscuits. 

This Friday we will be celebrating V.E day, remember to wear red, white and blue and decorate your houses with these colours, maybe you could have a go at creating your own decoration or banner. Could you share your celebrations with us? 

Please continue to share your photos and news with us on Tapestry, we love seeing your smiley faces and finding out what you are getting up to at home.

Have a great week

Kind Regards

Mrs Lawley, Ms Morris, Mrs Noon and Miss Loades and all of the Early Years Team 

Happy Birthday Captain Tom!!

30th April 2020
Happy Birthday Captain Tom Moore!
Love from the children in Nursery and Reception

Monday 27th April 2020


Hello All,

We hope that you have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine, it has been beautiful!


Attached is the planning for this coming week. We will be focusing on two stories which can be watched on You Tube, these are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" and "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".


There are lots of activities to choose from linked to the above stories and the links for these books can be found on our planning sheet. We are also including a recipe sheet for a couple of other activities.


Please see our Tapestry Page for a challenge which Mrs Lawley and Fred the Bear set on Friday for the coming week.


We look forward to seeing what you get up to on Tapestry and we will also be setting up another virtual meet, keep a close eye on your emails.


Thank you for your continuing support.


Kind Regards

The Early Years Team 

Monday 20th April 2020


Hello All,


We hope you are well and you have all had a lovely Easter break and managed to spend time with your loved ones. We also hope that you are all continuing to keep well and safe.


We have changed the way that we are approaching our home learning. We will now be sending you a weekly plan linked to our topic, which is Bears. There will be a different theme every week; this coming week is “My favourite Teddy Bear” and “Bringing my bear to life”. This plan will enable you to choose which activities you are going to do on different days in order to support your child’s learning. We aim to send this weekly plan out to you on a Sunday evening for the week ahead. One of the Early Years team members of staff will contact you via email daily to check in to see how you are and how you are all getting on; we might also set small challenges, activities or even another competition. They will then be available throughout the day for you to contact them should you need to.


Please continue to upload what activities you have been doing on Tapestry and take part in our weekly Tapestry challenge. We look forward to seeing the children this coming week with their favourite teddy bear; you never know the staff might share their favourite teddy bears with you too! We are also aiming to meet with you “virtually” and will be in touch with how we plan to organise this, timings, groupings etc. 


Over the coming weeks there will be a range of different activities, which the children can do at home and for those who are at school, they will be participating in the same activities. We will do our best to let you know what the children are doing in school, just in case some of the keyworker families are splitting their time between school and home, saves you repeating the same thing.


Some of our activities will involve making things, cookery, and writing, cutting and sticking. We would like to give you some notice on resources to have available between now and the half term break in May. These resources include:


  • Junk modelling resources e.g. cereal boxes, bottles, yoghurt pots, small boxes, tubes etc
  • Toilet rolls or kitchen roll tubes
  • Basic cake and biscuit ingredients e.g. butter, sugar, flour, eggs, milk
  • Play dough ingredients  e.g. flour, salt, cooking oil, food colouring, cream of tartar


All of the above items are optional, we are not saying that you have to have them but they will link to some of our activities in the coming weeks.

We hope that this new way of working will be more flexible and supports you in our home learning journey. Any comments or feedback would be much appreciated so that we can reflect on what we are doing and help to make this process a positive one for you and your family.


We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday the 20th April.


Kind Regards

The Early Years Team


Monday 20th April 2020