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‘Working Together for Excellence’


For our topic hook, the children had a go at completing a counties jigsaw. This is how they thought the counties went together.

Before we started our new Geography topic, we spent some time revisiting our knowledge of continents and oceans by playing a game in PE. We had lots of fun!

During STEM week we explored the school environment to see what habitats we already had. We then wrote letters persuading Miss Smith to improve our school environment. We successfully persuaded her so we got planting! We also learnt about climate change and made presentations explaining what we could do to help.

Meet Team Hawking


Hi I'm Mrs Morris and I'm really looking forward to teaching Year 3 this year. I've worked at Weyford Nursery and Primary School for around 6 years now and I have taught Year 3, Year 4 and Year 6 during my time here.


My favourite subjects to teach are English and Music because these are also the subjects I enjoy the most outside of school.


When I am at home, I enjoy reading, watching films, listening to music and spending time with my family and friends. I also like to travel. In the last few years I have been to Denmark, Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy.


Hi everyone, my name is Mrs Yates.      


I have quite a mixture of hobbies. I enjoy gardening very much and love growing my own vegetables from seed. I also like reading, especially, Science fiction, oh and all the Harry Potter books too. During the winter months, I try to do puzzles, crosswords and word searches. I love watching the DC, Marvel, Star Trek and Star Wars films. At the weekend I also watch Thunderbirds are Go, when it is on. I used to watch the original puppet TV series. I love, roast dinners, curries and pickled onions, but I do not like celery or avocados. I have worked at this school for a very long time and seen many changes.  From year 3 to year 6, I have enjoyed every minute, (Well maybe not playground duty when I got caught in the rain). I am sure you are all going to enjoy being our new Year 3 class. xx