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‘Working Together for Excellence’

Eco-Bricks Club


Miss Plaza and Miss Bicknell are running an Eco-Bricks club! 


An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle packed full with used, clean and dry plastic to achieve a building block that can be used over and over again. Ecobricks can also be packed with other non-biological un-recyclables that are toxic to the environment (i.e. styrofoam, wires, small batteries, etc.).  Ecobricks are used to make furniture, garden spaces, walls and even full-scale buildings! Ecobricks are an exciting way that individuals, communities, and schools can help to reduce plastic waste. 



Here are some of our Eco-bricks, they are still a work in progress and we are adding to them every week until they are packed tight! 

We are going to set up collection points around the school so staff and pupils can contribute to our Eco-bricks and we can reduce the amount of waste we produce! 


Here are some examples of the posters we have made!

We went on a litter pick around our school grounds, we picked up a lot of rubbish, it was sad to see all the waste on the floor but it looked much better when we had finished! 



Photos to follow!