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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Hello! My name is Mrs Lawley. I am the Early Years Leader here at Weyford and have been a teacher here for 16 years.

I really enjoy teaching in the Early Years and giving the children the best possible start when they join us. I love exploring new ideas and finding things out together.

In my spare time, I really enjoy cooking and baking, listening to music and getting lost in a good book.

Hello! My name is Miss Burge. I have worked in the Early Years at Weyford for nearly 23 years, in September I am going to be joining the lovely Owls in Reception

In my spare time I enjoy gardening and going for long walks especially at the seaside.


Hello! My name is Miss Loades and I have been teaching at Weyford for 4 years. My favourite subject at school is English because I love to read and pretend to be different characters. I am a huge fan of Disney films and superheroes. You will always find me humming along to a Disney song as I walk down the corridor.

My name is Mrs Fogden and I thought I would tell you a little about myself.

I am a huge Harry Potter and Disney fan and share this love with my two children. I enjoy reading lots of different books and getting lost in the stories and becoming some of the characters. One day I might be a wizard, the next a princess. I like going for long walks with my family especially at the seaside, where we often find special stones and shells.

Welcome to Year R parent meeting 2020