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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Yellow Jersey winners! Well done to these children who have achieved the yellow jersey.

Den building with year four

Healthy eating - Cuckoo got to make their own healthy lunches.

Our Final products from Arts week. Using Andy Warhol as our muse.

Building Challenge - Cuckoo were tasked with the challenge to build the tallest tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.

Titanic - A few photos from our school trip to the Sea City museum. Cuckoo class has a fantastic day. As you can seem, they really enjoyed dressing up.

Welcome to Cuckoo! I hope you had a fantastic summer and are ready for some year 4 learning (and fun). Here, you will be able to find and celebrate all the things you have achieved this year. 

We are setting sail with our topic about the Titanic; tragedy or triumph.