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‘Working Together for Excellence’

BLP Expectations for Year 6

Building Learning Power Expectation – Year 6





  • The emotional aspects of learning
  • The cognitive aspects of learning
  • The strategic aspects of learning
  • The social aspects of learning
  • Do they cope well with additional pressure?
  • Do they successfully organise their own time and space?
  • Do they appreciate that feelings change over time and are able to cope with it?
  • Are they always willing to explore more than one possible solution to a problem?
  • Can they cope with criticism and learn from it?
  • When they plan a difficult task, can they anticipate possible stumbling areas and overcome them?


































  • Are they able to assess risk and make sensible decisions?
  • Do they have a range of strategies to help them cope with different problems?
  • Do they appreciate what the risks are when considering their learning?
  • Are they aware that solutions can depend on an understanding of other issues?
  • Are they are to generate questions which promote higher order thinking?
  • Can they adapt and apply learning to new situations?
  • Are they able to use feedback from a range of sources to help solve a problem?
  • Can they give more than one reason to support an argument?
  • Are they able to listen a range of opinions before coming to their own conclusion?


























  • Do they give thought to a range of questions which leads to higher order thinking?
  • Do they revise their work after listening to the views of others?
  • Do they consider what they have learned previously and make use of this in new situations?
  • Can they identify strengths and weaknesses in their own work and explain why this may be the case?
  • Can they plan a complex piece of learning, anticipating difficulties, and plan to overcome them?
  • Can they break their ideas down into manageable steps suited to others in their group?































  • Are they capable of organising their own time and achieve results?
  • Do they possess a range of strategies to help them overcome difficulties in their learning?
  • Can they empathise with others, appreciating that different people react in different ways to certain situations?
  • Are they expert at acting as an advocate for the views and beliefs of others?
  • Can they act as a mediator?
  • Do they portray a good role model for both learning and behaviour?
  • Do they control their own mood swings?
  • Can they cope with making adaptations to their learning when needed?
  • Can they explain and discuss in different ways what they have learnt from others?
  • Do they take account of the views of others when considering success?
  • Are they eager to discuss conflicting issues fairly to reach an agreement that enables the group to move on?
  • Are they able to make the most of others’ strengths when organising work?