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‘Working Together for Excellence’

BLP Expectations for Year 5

Building Learning Power Expectation – Year 5





  • The emotional aspects of learning
  • The cognitive aspects of learning
  • The strategic aspects of learning
  • The social aspects of learning
  • Do they recognise and welcome risks that may be involved when tackling work?
  • Can they work to own targets and be motivated to achieve them?
  • Do they recognises the differences between a task that is too difficult and one that requires deeper thinking?
  • Are they prepared to learn from mistakes?
  • Are they prepared to persevere even when a solution is not readily available?





  • Can they organise self and resources well when working independently?
  • Are they prepared to debate issues until a sensible compromise is reached?
  • Do they successfully link ideas from different learning challenges and present their findings?
  • Do they know the difference between a sensible risk and a fool-hardy one?
  • Do they recognise that sometimes they may need expertise to help solve a problem?
  • Are they able to plan longer activities, breaking them into manageable steps?
  • Are they able to make constructive judgements about other people’s work?
  • Can they look back at mistakes and learn from the experience?
  • Do they make use of success criteria to see if a task has been completed successfully?
  • Do they break their learning down into manageable steps?
  • Are they able to accept different types of feedback and learn from them?
  • Do they make good use of time to reflect on what has been learnt?
  • Do they appreciate that attitudes and behaviour can impact on learning?
  • Are they confident enough to plan clear steps to improve their learning?



  • Are they able to act as a class ambassador for their class or school?
  • Are they able to take on a range of roles within a group?
  • Can they share a working environment with others and respect their needs?
  • Do they motivate others to contribute more effectively?
  • Do they understand differences in opinions and respond positively?
  • Do they make a good ‘buddy’ or mediator?
  • Do they use a range of criteria to reflect on own and others’ work?