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‘Working Together for Excellence’

BLP Expectations for Year 4

Building Learning Power Expectation – Year 4





  • The emotional aspects of learning
  • The cognitive aspects of learning
  • The strategic aspects of learning
  • The social aspects of learning
  • Do they manage disappointments well?
  • Do they keep their emotions in check?
  • Are they determined not to give in too easily?
  • Are they tenacious when things get difficult?
  • Do they make deductions from a range of sources?
  • Do they get on with a task without anyone reminding them what to do?
  • Do they keep focused on a task and avoid distractions?
  • Can they decide when they need ‘time-out’ to manage emotions?

















  • Do they enjoy challenges, especially open-ended ones?
  • Can they persuade others to accept a proposal even though others may not initially agree with the suggestion?
  • Will they ask questions to check their understanding?
  • Can they draw inferences and make deductions?
  • Can they give alternative solutions or explanations?
  • Do they refer to more than one piece of evidence to support their learning?
  • Do they follow up a question to gain clarification?


















  • Do they prioritise the most important things that need doing first?
  • Are they a good organiser of their time?
  • Do they cope well when there are changes to normal routines?
  • Do they welcome opportunities to take on added responsibility for a range of things?
  • Can they classify information and check it for accuracy?
  • Do they value feedback that will help them improve their learning?
  • Do they review their learning and ponder what will help them to be more effective learners?
  • Do they recognise when a piece of work has been completed to its best?
  • Do they make lists when it is helpful to do so?
  • Can they sort information and decide which is useful?


  • Are they aware that their suggestions can help others?
  • Can they take on a specific allocated role in a group?
  • Do they respect and tolerate the values of others within a joint activity?
  • Do they communicate their capability as a team member so as to convince others of a point of view?
  • Do they understand that others may have an opinion that is different to theirs?