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‘Working Together for Excellence’

BLP Expectations for Year 3

Building Learning Power Expectation – Year 3





  • The emotional aspects of learning
  • The cognitive aspects of learning
  • The strategic aspects of learning
  • The social aspects of learning
  • Are they unfazed by changes to their normal routine?
  • Do they use a range of strategies to control their feelings?
  • Are they happy to follow instructions without support from others?
  • Are they prepared to try out new things even though they feel a little nervous?
  • Are they happy to have a go at something even though they are unsure if it will work?
  • Do they keep their emotions in check when the going gets tough?
  • Are they good at just getting on with things without the need to be reminded?







































  • Are they confident that that they can make an idea even better?
  • Are they good at putting their point across to others?
  • Do they generate questions to link ideas related to their learning challenge?
  • Do they use their imagination to improvise?
  • Can they come up with several ideas when solving problems?
  • Can their devise a whole range of questions to ask different people?
  • Do they use techniques like mind maps to show their thinking?
  • Are they curious about new things and are prepared to ask questions?
  • Do they finish tasks within a given time framework?
  • Do they look for relationships between things and explain ideas to others?






































  • Are they able to review and then reset targets for learning?
  • Do they reflect on who has helped them to learn and why?
  • Do they understand what might have prevented them from learning effectively?
  • Can they appreciate when a task has been completed to the best of their ability?
  • Do they take time to consider experiences and what needs to be done next?
  • Do the regularly check and edit their own work?
  • Do they consider whether a task has been completed within a given framework?
  • Are they able to give others feedback about their performance?









































  • Are they prepared to listen to the point of view of others?
  • Do they show empathy with others?
  • Do they listen and follow instructions independently?
  • Can they improve their own learning by imitating others?
  • Do they work harmoniously and constructively with others in a joint activity?
  • Do they ensure that everyone takes turn when talking?
  • Do they work readily in different teams?