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‘Working Together for Excellence’

BLP Expectations for Year 2

Building Learning Power Expectation – Year 2





  • The emotional aspects of learning
  • The cognitive aspects of learning
  • The strategic aspects of learning
  • The social aspects of learning
  • Do they avoid getting distracted easily?
  • Do they keep going even when the going gets tough?
  • Are they aware that their actions can impact on others?
  • Are they happy to have a go at something that is new to them?
  • Do they use a variety of strategies to control feelings?
















  • Can they generate questions linked to their learning challenge?
  • Do they use their imagination to generate ideas?
  • Can they explain what they have learnt from someone else?
  • Are they able to ask sensible questions about their learning?
  • Are they curious about new learning and are they prepared to ask questions to find out more?
















  • Can they suggest more than one way to solve a problem?
  • Can they suggest a way forward following a dispute?
  • Do they understand what they need to do next to improve their learning?
  • Can they suggest where their learning could have been completed better?
  • Do they understand what makes them learn better?
  • Are they happy to make changes to their original ideas?
  • Do they take enough time to make sense of a problem that is presented to them?










  • Are they able to explain why others may be feeling unhappy or sad?
  • Can they suggest a way to overcome a problem with others?
  • Are they able to choose the best time to speak with someone?
  • Are they happy to share their learning with others?
  • Are they able to think of a range of instructions for others to follow?
  • Are they happy both to lead or to be directed by others?
  • Do they consider the views of all group members during discussions?