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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Brilliant Blackbird Class

Teacher: Miss Coyte

Teacher's Assistant: Mrs Marshall




Please can all children have their PE kit, including a pair of trainers and a jumper in on these days. Long hair must be tied up and earrings removed.


Our Topic this term is 'Pirates and the Seaside'

Our science experiment:

Before the country went into lock down, Blackbird Class started a science experiment to see what happens to plants when they grow under different conditions. We choose three different plants to grow from scratch: sunflower, marigold and iris. Four of each plant were planted on 5.3.20. Thee four conditions they are to grow under are: light and water, light no water, water no light, no light and no water.

Miss Coyte will take pictures each day that she is on rota at school and make sure those needing water are watered on these days and then post photo updates on the plants for you all to observe through your remote learning.

Hook Day 

We had fun on our hook day as pirates. We dressed up and took part in pirate related activities including generating our own pirate names, meet some of our pirate crew:


               Liza "Scallywag" Trebilcock       Samson "Knee Biter" Jewell       Errol "One-Eyed" Ninnies


You can create your own pirate name like us at

Who has been a superstar this week...


Scientist                  Mathematician         Writer           Yellow Jersey

Olivia                                       Max                                    David                                     Max