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‘Working Together for Excellence’


We have made a super start to Spring 1 half term and have welcomed some new children into Robin Class. This half term we are thinking about 'Animals, patterns and shapes', as well as, Nursery Rhymes, rhyming stories and rhyming words. The children will be looking at the Elmer the Elephant stories to introduce the ideas of different shapes, patterns and colours. There will be a focus on animals and their babies, animals from around the world and how animals use their patterns and colours for camouflage.  The children will have the opportunity to come dressed as their favourite animal on the 30th January. There will be a focus on language and communication skills and social skills. The social skills will include thinking about sharing our toys, taking care of our classroom and toys, having kind hands and being helpful.

There will also be a focus on 'handgym' activities which are designed to help the children's hands be ready to hold writing tools. These activities will include, playdough, threading, putting pegs on a plate, using tweezers to put small objects in pots and winding up toys. We will follow the WriteDance scheme, where children have the opportunity to move to music and then draw patterns while listening to the same piece of music.

Each week there will be a focus on a number, a colour of the week and a sound of the week. We will be singing lots of counting and action songs to introduce the children to numbers and counting.