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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Next stop.... The Phillipines!

Next stop.... The Phillipines! 1

This week we jumped on our plane and jetted off to the Phillipines. 

We saw rainforest and jungle animals from high up in our aeroplane. When we landed we painted beautiful pictures of the animals we had seen. We thought really carefully about the colours we had seen, and tried our best to choose appropriate colours for our animals.

Welcome to India!


Picture 1

This week we started our journey with a trip to India! We were very excited and made ourselves an aeroplane in the playground so we could get there quickly. 


We were lucky enough to try some delicious food made by some of our parents. It was so yummy lots of us had seconds!


A few of us had never tried Indian food, so this was a new experience.

We tried cheese and pea curry, mushroom curry, spinach and potato curry, chapati bread and a sumptuous rice pudding.



Look at our beautiful and colourful clothes!

Look at our beautiful and colourful clothes! 1
Look at our beautiful and colourful clothes! 2
Look at our beautiful and colourful clothes! 3

Around the world topic overview

You are invited to a Royal Wedding party!

Swamp Juice!

This week we enjoyed making tasty swamp juice... we mixed together different colours and flavours of juice to make our own special concoctions!

They were delicious!!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Dinosaur Roar!

This week we've been stomping like a huge ankylosaurus, swaying our long necks like a brachiosaurus, and baring our scary t-rex teeth while running away from an erupting volcano!

Well... sort of! Our volcano wasn't quite as impressive as Hawaiis Kilauea  volcano, but we did manage a mini eruption!


Picture 1

Mill Cottage Farm Experience


This week, we enjoyed a visit from Mill Cottage Farm Experience. We saw all sorts of fabulous farm animals and even had a chance to give the lambs their milk!

Can you tell a grown up all the animals that we saw?

Dinosaur Dig!

To start our new topic looking at dinosaurs we became archaelogists. We dug in our sandpit outside searching for dinosaur bones and fossils.


We found an enormous selection of bones and fossils. We had to think hard about which part of the dinosaurs body that the bone might have come from. Was it a leg bone, did it come from their back, was it a rib or a tooth, maybe it was a horn?


We will learn as much as we can as we become dinosaur detectives this half term!


Welcome to our new dinosaur topic

Who lives in a house like this?

This week we took a walk around our local area to see the houses and homes nearby. We saw, houses and bungalows as well as flats. We noticed that some of the houses were very tall and the bungalows didn't have any rooms upstairs. We saw staircases on the outside of some of the flats so that people could get to their upstairs homes! 

We realised that some of the buildings we saw were made from wood, so we had a go at blowing them down, just like the Big Bad Wolf!


Most of the homes we saw were made of brick,

but two homes we noticed were particularly special....

...We saw two animal homes

Ask your child if they remember what the two homes were and who might live in them (Clue: one of the homes was in a tree, and the other was very wet!)

Our fabulous Robins were very observant and were all super listeners on our walk, well done Robins!!


Snow Day


We hope our fabulous Robins are enjoying a lovely day in the snow!

It may well be the first time that some of our class have seen snow at all, so we hope you have wrapped up well and had lots of fun.


Don't forget that you can add any 'wow moments' to your childs Tapestry journal. We would love to see your child in the snow, perhaps they talked about how cold it was, maybe they know what happens when snow melts? 


We look forward to seeing you all warm and well on MONDAY.

Keep safe and stay warm

The nursery team


Picture 1

Tatty Bumpkins

To start our new topic, "Who lives in a house like this", our friend Helen came to visit us to tell us the story of 'A House for Mouse'. 

We retold the story using yoga poses and eventually made mouse a very comfortable home of his own.

See if you can remember any of the places that mouse tried to get comfortable!


Picture 1


Great news, Weyford Nursery has made it through to the voting round of Tesco’s bags of help.

We now need your help.

Every time you shop in the Bordon, Alton or Fourmarks Tesco between March and April please vote for Weyford by putting the blue coin you receive at the end of your shop into our slot.


We are hoping to get new outdoor equipment and every vote you cast gets us nearer to winning.

Thank you and start saving those blue coins!

Our new topic: Homes

After half term our new topic will be 


'Who lives in a house like this?'


Please could you bring in a picture of your childs home (with no people in shot!) so that we can talk about our homes and try and guess where our friends live from their description. 


Thank you!


Have a fabulous half term, 

see you on Tuesday 20th February!

Our egg has hatched!

We discovered that after the weekend our egg had hatched! We found little sparkly rainbow hoof prints a letter from the Unicorn mummy thanking us for looking after her egg.


We had taken a poll and made a pictograph of the creature that we thought it might be. Our ideas were, a unicorn, Dumbo, a dragon and lots of other magical creatures too!

It hatched!

It hatched! 1

What's in the egg?

What's in the egg? 1

We have been asked to look after this magical creatures egg.

We don't know what is inside!

What could it be?

How will we look after it?

Happy New Year!

We hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year,

Welcome back to another term in Robin Class!

When I Grow Up!

We all dressed up as whatever we want to be when we grow up. There were racing drivers, nurses, surgeons, teachers, police officers and firefighters to name but a few.

We were lucky enough to be visited by a selection of lovely people who told us all about their jobs.

We met a childrens entertainer, someone who builds Lego for a living, a Police officer, an ice cream shop owner, and a midwife.

Thank you so much to all of our families and friends for making our week so enjoyable.

Mr Beesley

Mr Beesley 1

Our topic this half term is "Good to be me!"


We have been reading the story Funnybones and talking about the different parts of our body. We have also enjoyed singing the skeleton song!

As part of our topic, we have changed the role play corner into a doctors surgery where Robin Class doctors and nurses have been curing all kinds of problems. Miss Burge had a sling put on her, poor Mrs Bird tried very hard to make an appointment to see the doctors and Mrs Baird needed her temperature taking! Luckily, all the patients made a good recovery!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


We had lots of spooky fun at our Halloween party. We all dressed up and had a spooktacular time!

Mill Chase Road Allotments


We enjoyed a walk to Mill Chase Road Allotments this week. We saw a variety of fruit and vegetables growing including some ENORMOUS TURNIPS! It reminded us of the story of the enormous turnip that we had been reading this week. We saw juicy strawberries and raspberries, tall corn on the cob, long runner beans and purple sprouting broccoli. 


 Our tummies were rumbling so much that we came back to the classroom and tasted some roasted vegetables and made leek and potato soup too! 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Stay and Play

Thank you to all parents and carers who were able to attend our stay and play session this morning. It was lovely to see so many of you, the children seemed to enjoy showing you their classroom and sharing their toys.  

We hope you enjoyed joining in with our hello song and tasting the bread that the children made yesterday. We have been singing Alice the Camel all day, we hope you have too!


Stay and play 11th October 2017

The Little Red Hen and Breadmaking

Robin Class listened carefully to the story of The Little Red Hen this week and joined in with all the repeated refrains. The poor Red Hen did all the work herself, but also ended up with some delicious fresh bread. 

We wondered how the Little Red Hen made her bread, so we had a go ourselves!

Can you remember the ingredients? What did we have to do?


Welcome to Robin Class


We are looking forward to welcoming you into Robin Class very soon!


Your teachers will be,

Mrs Amy Pidgeon


Ms Zoë Morris


Your Learning Support Assistants are

Mrs Jan Burge,

Mrs Becky Bird and 

Mrs Tina Baird


The first day back for existing nursery pupils is Friday 8th September, and we look forward to meeting our new friends from week beginning 11th September. 


Enjoy the rest of your Summer holidays, see you soon!


Welcome to Robins Class!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let your Teacher know!


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