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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Welcome to Owl Class

Class Teacher: Mrs Eleri Lawley

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Dawn Beesley, Mrs Emma Edwards & Mrs Jean Parsonage 





Here you will find information and updates about our weekly learning.




Week eighteen (25.01.18) Tam the tooth fairy and the Queens teeth!

This week we helped Tam the tooth fairy clean and return a set of false teeth to the Queen. We were a bit concerned that the Queen didn't know how to look after her teeth as they were so grubby! To help, we also wrote some instructions and cleaned up the teeth before they were returned. We even wrote a book on how to keep healthy so that we could help the Queen stay as well as possible. 

Week seventeen (18.01.19) What's in the box?

This week we discovered a box in our classroom. It was a complete mystery as to where it came from. There was no address label, so we didn't know who it was for or where it came from. We thought carefully about what could be inside before tentatively opening the box to reveal..... false teeth!!!! 

Who did they belong to? Why were they here at school? How could we return them to their rightful owner?

We decided to design posters to display around the school just incase their owner was nearby. We hope we can reunite the teeth with their owner soon!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Week sixteen (11.01.19) Happy New Year and welcome back!

Welcome back to school, we hope you have had a lovely break over Christmas, we're excited to see you all and hear about your adventures over the holidays!

This week we have welcomed some of our Nursery friends into Wren class, and all of our friends across in both Owl and Wren class have been super friends helping them to settle in.


Reminder - please can you ensure your child has their PE kit at school this week!

The weather is particularly chilly too, so please ensure your child has a warm coat with them every day.


Happy New Year everyone, and welcome back!



Thursday 10th January - Mufti Day!!!!

Both Owl and Wren class have earned 50 pebbles so as a reward are allowed to come to school in their own clothes! Well done!

Week fourteen and fifteen (14.12.18 and 21.12.18) Christmas is coming!!

We are all so excited now as Christmas is just around the corner! We have been rehearsing our Christmas songs ready for the nativity and have really enjoyed going to the hall with our friends in years one and two to get ready to show our friends and familys!


We have written lists and letters to Santa, made calendars and Christmas cards to take home and talked lots about how we all celebrate this special time!


Happy Christmas everyone, see you on the 8th January next year!

Week twelve and thirteen (30.11.18 and 7.12.18) A mystery button...!!!!

This fortnight, we had another mystery to solve. Mrs Pidgeon had found an enormous button at Marwell Zoo, and bought it to school to show everyone. We wondered where such a large button could have come from and who might have lost it!

We drew and wrote our ideas down, discussing it with our friends and grown ups.

We had so many wild and wonderful ideas, some of our friends suggested that it might be big enough to have been on Father Christmas sack! Very soon afterwards we found two lost presents on the playground outside, so we knew we must have been right and wrote to Father Christmas to tell him. 


He was so grateful and came one evening when we were all at home and collected the presents. Father Christmas left us a video message to wish us all a merry Christmas and say thank you.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week ten and eleven (16.11.18 / 23.11.18) Missing numberblocks and a visit from a police officer.

This fortnight we arrived to find a disaster had happened in our classrooms! Two number blocks had been taken from our collection!! The classroom was covered in hand and footprints and police tape had been stuck around the crime scene.... We needed to become Number Police officers, and solve the mystery! Where were our numberblocks!!!?


We interviewed lots of grown ups and thought of lots of super questions to establish where they were and if they were involved...!


We made lost posters, took fingerprints, made investigations and followed clues. Eventually we received a ransom note from Shapeman, who told us that he had taken the blocks because he wanted them to be his friends.


We wrote letters to Shapeman explaining better ways to make friends and drew lots of shape pictures for him too. 


Eventually Shapeman left us lots of shape clues to follow which led us to our missing numberblocks - BUT, more disaster, Shapeman had left them in the shed, and they had frozen solid. We had to find a way to release them!


We tried picking them out with spoons, warming them in our hands and eventually sprinkling them with grit and salt like the lorries do when the roads are icy! 


Our local police officer came to see us after we had solved the crime to congratulate us and show us some of his equipment too.  


What a busy 2 weeks! Great crime solving Reception!!

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Week nine (9.11.18) Visitors, dressing up, firefighters ... and fairies!

This week was filled with fabulous visitors, dressing up, exciting walks and a visit from the fairies! 

We are learning about People Who help us, and the children looked fabulous dressed up as what they wanted to be when they grow up. We had police officers, ballerinas, vets, racing drivers and firefighters amongst a smattering of superheroes and even a teacher!

We were visited by Mr. Beesley, who told us about his amazing career in the navy, he explained about his work at the school too. Mr Wiggins, a first responder came to talk about his work and showed us some of his amazing kit. We also enjoyed a visit from Ben who owns Dylans ice cream (I think this was the grown ups favourite!!

We were lucky enough to visit Bordon Fire Station too where we learnt how to be safe in our homes and how firefighters help other people too. We even got to squirt the hoses!!

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Week eight (2.11.18) Welcome to Wales!

This week has been extra special as we have spent the entire week devoted to art. Each class throughout the school has been given a country to learn about and to base our art projects on. We learnt about Mrs Lawleys home country of Wales! We made wonderful Welsh dragons and beautiful daffodils too. We had great fun making (and eating!) Welsh cakes - yum!!


Week seven (19.10.18) Happy Diwali!

This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of light, Diwali!

On Friday we had a fabulous day devoted to celebrating and learning more.

We made Diva lamps, learned about the story of Diwali, made delicious sweets, created beautiful firework pictures and spent time acting out the story and dancing too!

Week six (12.10.18) Face cakes!

This week we have been continuing to work hard learning new sounds, we have practised writing the sounds we know as well as our names.

We have been singing lots of number rhymes, finding sets of objects and matching objects to a particular numeral. 


We used our fabulous mathematical knowledge to help weigh out ingredients to make cakes too. We then iced and decorated them to make them look like ourselves! We thought about the features we have on our faces and tried to replicate this. We though carefully about our eye colour and looked in a mirror to be able to talk about what else we might need to add to the cake.


Next Week :

Don't forget Diwali day on Friday where we plan to have lots of fun learning all about this special celebration.  

Week five (05.10.18) Making bread is hard work!

This week we listened to the story of the Little Red Hen. Lots of children were able to retell the story and loved using the puppets to retell the tale to their friends. 



We decided that we could be much better friends than the animals in the story, and worked together to make our own bread.

We mixed the ingredients together and then had to knead the dough. This was very hard work and we had to knead it for ages!!

We noticed how the ingredients changed from being a sloppy mess to a smooth ball of delicious smelling dough (eventually!)

We baked the bread in the oven which smelt amazing too!


Ask your child if they can recall the ingredients we used?


We also celebrated harvest this week, some of us attended a special church service too. We learnt two harvest songs, can your child sing one for you?


Important News!

This week we have sent home a reading diary, Teddy words (tricky words) and a maths challenge booklet. 


Help your child to move up the reading beanstalk by reading with them at least five times a week and then recording this in their new reading diary! 


Please remember to bring in book bags every day so that we can read with your child and/or add new teddy words.


Next Week

photographer in school - Thursday 11th

INSET day - Friday 12th

Picture 1

Week four (28.9.18) We're learning our sounds!


This week we have started our phonics sessions where we learn new sounds and tricky words. We have been singing jolly jingles and practising writing our new sounds on paper, whiteboards, with magnetic letters, in the air, practically anywhere!!

This week our focus has been on S, A, T and P. Ask your child if they can sing you the jingle or show you the actions that accompany the sound. 


Next week

Look out for books to share in your childs book bag as well as some Teddy words (tricky words)


We will be focusing on Harvest next week and telling the story of The Little Red Hen.


Please keep bringing in your childs book bag every day!

Week three (21.9.18) In the swing of it!


The children have really settled into the routines of school this week!


 We have been focused on our maths knowledge this week, showing our teachers what we know! We have been making anything from snails to meatballs with the playdough, talking about how many there are, how big they are, what would happen if there was one more or one less, playing games on the interactive white boards, riding our bikes round the track a certain number of times and singing lots of fun number rhymes!


The children are now going to P.E sessions twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) and are showing great independence in getting changed. Keep practising at home, allow your child to dress themselves and have a go at putting their clothes the right way round! We have played lots of games and used plenty of new and exciting equipment with Mr White too!


The windy weather has bought lots of fun this week with some children deciding to make their own kites to fly outside. They were carefully decorated and cut to the right shape, string and wool was selected and attached before being launched into the air!


Thank you to everyone who was able to make it to the Parent Meetings last week, If you missed it, don't worry - you can find the powerpoint from the event on the front of the classpages here!




Next week:


We will be starting our phonics sessions - look out for the Teddy Words (tricky words) in your child's bookbag.


Don't forget to bring in P.E kits!


Please send in any Summer Scrapbooks if you haven't already, we're really enjoying looking at them with your children.




Week two (14.9.18) Settling in!


Our fabulous Owls are settling in to life at school so well. They are coming in to their classroom with increasing independence and super smiles!

This week we have continued to share our special scrapbooks with our friends in our class, read some stories together and tried to learn some more of our new friends names. We also began to talk about the letter sounds we know. 


We have enjoyed staying for lunch this week and have been superstars in trying the food from the menu.

Don't forget...!

Children are in full time next week, 8.30 - 3.00.

Wednesday 19th - Please come to our Year R Parent Meeting at either 2pm or 5pm.

Friday 21st is Jeans for Genes day - pay £1 to come to school in your jeans.


Week one (7.9.18) Welcome to Owl Class!

Let the fun begin...

Mrs Lawley, Mrs Beesley and Mrs Edwards are very proud of our new Owls this week!

We loved visiting you in your homes, seeing what you like to play with and of course showing us the cool stuff in your bedrooms!

The children had a great first day at Weyford. We played in our new classroom, drew pictures, met Mr. White (who teaches P.E on a Friday) and played outside.

We're starting to find out where everything is in our school, we've found our pegs, the toilets and the hall so far!



Here are a few things to remember for next week:

P.E kits in a P.E bag –  T-shirt, shorts, and trainers (preferably not plimsols please)


Book bags

Water bottles or cups

Please ensure ALL belongings, clothes and shoes are labelled with names.


Have a happy and restful weekend!

Mrs Lawley, Mrs Beesley and Mrs Edwards look forward to seeing you again on Monday.

Mrs Parsonage is looking forward to meeting you all too.