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‘Working Together for Excellence’


Welcome to Magpie Class

Teachers in Magpie are Mrs Manoharan and Mrs Ford

Teaching assistant Miss Seymour.

PE days are Monday and Friday.

Please ensure PE kit is in school every day.

This half term we are learning about Castles. The children really enjoyed their hook day where they came dressed up and enjoyed the introduction to life in a castle. They made shields, a class dragon and decorated the role play as a castle.  We also learnt a medieval dance and how to bow and curtsey like Lords and Ladies!

Please make sure you read with your child every night and record in the reading diary. This means your child can climb the reading ladder and win a prize!


Please practise the tasks on the maths challenge as often as you can so your child can become a confident mathematician.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the parents meetings about expectations in Year 1. If you were unable to attend and you would like more information please ask the teachers.
This week we introduce our new walk to school initiative to encourage more families to walk to school or leave their car and walk part of the way. Children will be encouraged to walk and their daily travel to school will be recorded. They work towards badges every term. Please talk to your children about the importance of walking to improve your healthy life style.
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Don't forget out year group trip on Wednesday. We will leave school straight after registration so please be on time to school!

Portchester castle on Wednesday- Hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriatly.

Portchester castle on Wednesday- Hopefully the weather will be warm and sunny. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriatly.   1
Today we walked to the church to celebrate our harvest festival. We really enjoyed listening about harvest festivals and singing our songs. Ask us to sing Five a day- we are amazing!

Thursday is our banquet celebration. Please remember to wear clothes fit for a king or queen! At the start of the term we had amazing costumes with princesses, knights and kings. The day will involve a banquet celebration with food and dancing.

Today in school we are making bread rolls to eat at our banquet!

Picture 1
We have had a fantastic week in Magpie class learning about Brazil and making some art connected with Brazil. We learnt some carnival dancing, made rain shakers, made Brazilian masks and painted the flag of Brazil.  We have learnt so much about a famous Brazilian artist  Romaro Britto and we reproduced his pop art style in some amazing paintings.

This half term we are learning about the important jobs of postmen and post women who deliver our parcels and letters. Hope fully by now you have all received your postcard that we wrote and posted to you.

We had a visit from a postman who explained his job and what he wears.


Visit from the postman

Visit from the postman 1
Visit from the postman 2

Posting our letter

Posting our letter 1
Posting our letter 2
Posting our letter 3
Posting our letter 4
Posting our letter 5
Posting our letter 6
Posting our letter 7
Posting our letter 8
Posting our letter 9
Posting our letter 10
Posting our letter 11
Posting our letter 12
This week year 1 completed their scooter training to help them to scooter safely to school. They learnt how to stop at a main road, listen to their parents, be polite to other pavement users and to have healthy fun on the way to school!
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Please remember to bring in your cowboy/girl costumes for the Christmas performance next week!

Thank you for all providing costumes for our performance Prickly Hay. We have been busy learning the songs and practising our dancing!


We are looking forward to you all coming to celebrate our successes and watch our performance! 


Today we are going to enjoy our Christmas lunch served by all the adults in our school!


Merry Christmas